My daughter hears the devil speaking to her-help please


I have a 6 year old healthy, vibrant, sugar and some-spice little girl who has complained off and on of hearing the devil in her mind for over a year now. As I’m writing this I’m asking myself why have I waited so long to address this? Quite frankly at times I thought it was a distraction technique to stay up later at bedtime. However, I find myself more concerned about the situation lately. She does not just complain of these thoughts at bedtime anymore. One minute she will be happily playing alone in her room and the next she will be holding her head saying that she can’t make it stop. I can’t stop thinking bad things about Jesus. The devil is telling me that Jesus is dumb but I know He’s not.

I have tried to talk her through these moments, prayed over her, called on Jesus and Mary, called on Saint Michael and his army, blessed her with holy water and prayed the rosary for her but these thoughts don’t go away easily. Eventually she falls asleep or I am able to distract her.

Tonight she told me that the prayers that worked for her last night didn’t work in school today. That was the first that she mentioned having these thoughts outside of our home. She told me that during math today when she was trying to learn about dimes and money she kept trying to push these bad thoughts of Jesus away and concentrate on her money work but she couldn’t make them stop. It sounded like she was wrestling with this in Kindergarten math class!

I know that the Lord will take care of my baby girl and I’ve tried to leave it in His hands for over a year now. But I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I shouldn’t speak to a priest about it soon. Has anyone out there ever experienced anything like this? Could it just be an overactive imagination? Please help. Thank you!


If it were my child I would go straight to a priest. If it is just an overactive imagination, the priest m ay be able to help your child understand. If it continues, I would start to document and even go back and write what you can remember from the past experiences and continue to write it all down to see if their is some sort of trigger or pattern. I would also stay in some sort of counseling with her, preferably a Catholic psychologist if you do not have a qualified priest. Your child and family are in my prayers.


Take her to a certified therapist or psychologist for an evalutation. There may or may not be more underling issues here. Better to be safe than sorry.


From what I understand: the devil is after all of us, all the time, day and night, always, everyone on the planet young and old.

That being said your daughter is pretty young to try and face this on her own. We all have fleeting thoughts, bad thoughts, impure thoughts. Perhaps your daughter feels bad when she has these thoughts? Would it make her feel better if you told her that everyone has bad thoughts, sometimes a lot? Perhaps she feels alone?

Even if it is her imagination being overactive, maybe talking to a priest or deacon would make her feel better. I would give them a call. Hope this helps, I will pray for her.


I would start with a priest or deacon, but as a child who was sure the devil was out to get me at that age (I’m 51, and got through it, so there is hope:))- Let her sleep with a rosary in her hand. Or a crucifix. Or a holy card. Get a BIG bottle of holy water (mayonnaise jar is good) and keep some holy water on he rnightstand where she can reach it. Treat the whole thing very matter-of-factly, not getting “geared” when it occurs.


Has she had anything traumatic happen to her? Stress? Moved?

By no means am I a medical expert but in addition to the spiritual question, perhaps physiological factors like an illness might also be considered that a pediatrician might be able to help with?

It almost sounds like some of the thought patterns that occur with OCD or clinical depression but I don’t know anything about how early in life that might occur.

Above all else I’ll pray for your poor little girl! :frowning:


Was your house & especially her room , blessed by a priest? You might want to do this as well, but I feel that the others are correct, you should contact a priest.


I think you have some really good suggestions already. I just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you and your daughter. :gopray:


sorry, call your ped today for a referral to a qualified child psychologist for testing and evaluation. yes by all means to your priest too, but to not delay the testing. Now. today. possibility of demonic activity? yes but remote
mental health issue
if you find even the suggesting insulting, too bad, matter is too important and you asked for advice
I pass without comment on the fact you have allowed this to go on for a year without taking any action.


Your daughter should be seen by a psychiatrist, a medical doctor you can order the appropriate medical and psychological tests to determine if there is any physical basis for her problem. A psychiatrist will also be able to determine if the problem is based in the girl’s imagination. Holding the head seems to indicate a physical base, but you need a *psychiatrist *for a definitive diagnosis.



Puzzleannie is correct. You may bring your child to a priest and he may bless her, the house and the room but he, too, would advise for her to be evaluated before any further action. Most priests are not capable of discerning the possibly demonic. On their part, it may just be a guess…or worse, they will laugh at all of this. First and foremost talk to the specialists first. In the meantime have her blessed as well as the house.


don’t be so quick to jump on the demonic possession thing, pay attention first to the real medical symptom, holding her head and complaining. the ped will also probably recommend an evaluation by a neurologist. rule out the ordinary explanation first before assuming the supernatural


Something you don’t have to answer, but is there OCD, bipolar and/or schizophrenia in your or your husband’s family history? If so, a pediatric psychatrist is a must (definitely try to find a solid Catholic one). But, as others have stated, a good, solid Catholic priest is also a must.


Get her to a pediatrician immediately. That should be your first step. If you waste your time waiting to see a priest or psychologist the first thing they will ask you is “has she seen her doctor”?


I think I would call her pediatrician and try to get in right away, and then let the ped evaluate her and ask for a referral to a specialist regardless if the ped suggests to “wait” or “watch it” or even if s/he offers a diagnosis. Then I would call a priest and line that up, too.


my friend had a little boy who went through a similar thing. He also would use profanity. She prayed over him intently. It seemed to go away.

A couple years later, he was diagnosed with Tourette’s and ADHD.


As this was my first post I was uncertain as to who might read my post and whether or not I would receive feedback. How nice it is to know that you have taken time out of your day to provide me with guidance. Thank you! The thought of so many of you praying for my daughter means more to me than anything else you could have said. You, too, will be remembered in my prayers.

And thank you also for the kind words and tough love. Prior to reading the responses to my original post I made an appointment to speak with a priest and sought out the advice of a spiritual director. I made a number of phone calls to family to discuss our history of mental health issues .

My sister and I both take medication for anxiety/depression, and there is a history of alcoholism, learning disabilities and ADD. In addition, I struggle with executive functioning skills as the result of a head injury that occured in a car accident many years prior to the birth of my children.

I disclose that information in the hopes that others who might suffer with any of these conditions may see a connection of some kind to my daughter’s situation.

I will be certain to share our progress along this journey as my family and I pursue help. I ask for your continued prayer and support along the way and pledge my prayers in return.

God bless you!

:bible1: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” (Isiah 43:1)



This is so true. All physical and mental causes will need to be ruled out before a good Priest will even consider the demonic! It is part and parcel of figuring this out.

You have been given much good advise about this. I can not add to it except to say I agree.

Brenda V.


I would see a good child psychiatrist soon, one with a Christian or Catholic background might be a more comfortable option for you. Sometimes treating issues like this early can prevent them from escalating.


Puzzleannie and the others who have suggested seeking MEDICAL attention soon is right…

Please don’t ignore this in hopes that it will just go away.
Rule out the probable first… then attack the possible.

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