My daughter was confirmed tonight!

*Beautiful mass…she is growing up before my eyes. I’m so proud of her…my son was her sponsor. This was largely due to avoiding drama amongst all those in the family who don’t practice (remotely) their faith, but would have thought they would be the sponsor. :rolleyes: Right.

Nope, I didn’t want my daughter to be in such a spot …so, she chose her brother. :slight_smile: And he took it so seriously…it really was a beautiful, moving evening.

Just sharing!*

My congratulations to your daughter! What a blessing, to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the Vigil of Pentecost! :extrahappy:

May the Lord grant that she will persevere in her faith, and finish the race that she has begun, in Heaven with the Saints. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I am still thinking back to the mass…it was one of those flowing, beautiful masses…where everything just fell into place. Very small confirmation class…maybe 15 total? So, it wasn’t as drawn out as my son’s…where there were about 70 kids getting confirmed. I also looked over and they were both singing…so, yes from your prayers to my kids…may they always always practice their faith with zeal! A mother’s greatest hope. :slight_smile:

Congrats to your daughter :slight_smile:
I’m having my Confirmation tomorrow. Tell her how lucky she is to have it now when she’s young instead of waiting years and years like me :stuck_out_tongue:

*Better late than never, darlin! :slight_smile: So happy for you too…woohoo!!! CONGRATS AND MAY YOU TOO ALWAYS FOLLOW IN CHRIST’S FOOTSTEPS. It isn’t always easy, I will say that, but the road to following Him, is worth it…

God bless you!*

Thanx whatevergirl :slight_smile: My intention was not to take the subject of the thread away. This is about your daughter, not me.
Seriously though, let her know how lucky she is to have all of this now as a child. I know God’s timing is perfect, but I have to wonder how different my life would be now had I been raised in the Faith like your daughter :wink:



Congratulations Whatevergirl and congratulations to your daughter as well! :slight_smile:

How wonderful, Whatevergirl!!! Hearty congratulations to your daughter - and you and your family!!! Sounds like the Holy Spirit could definitely be seen in action through a beautiful ceremony - and now in your daughter’s heart. Also a very touching sentiment to have your son as her sponsor - it will likely bring them even closer as siblings than before.

Keep up the great work as a devoted and caring Mom, and God’s continued blessings to all of you.

Come Holy Spirit light divine.

an often overlooked choice of sponsor and worth considering if the baptismal godparents are no longer the persons she would choose. Another sponsor possibility is a parent of a friend with whom they have gone to school and RE together, who you know through that friendship, whose child is preparing for sacraments at the same time. It is actually likely that relationship will continue to be a good one, even more so than with a family member who has turned his back on the faith of his family.

as many years as I have “done” confirmation it is still my firm conviction and perception that the Holy Spirit does come upon the candidates in a way that is evident, although I can’t explain how I know it, I know it and rejoice.

Confirmation today for 18 adults of this parish, there will bee 600-800 from the diocese with Bishop Flores at the Basilica of Nuestra Senora de San Juan del Valle. Spent the evening in vigil for them.

Let the fire fall!

The interesting thing, and perhaps an unexpected benefit of my daughter choosing her brother…is that they have grown closer throughout her formation classes. Pretty cool, indeed, I think. I also have no idea what my daughter’s friends’ parents are like, faith wise…I see some at mass, some I never see…so, I hesitate to judge. We know for a fact, that our son is upholding the faith and leading a chaste life…to me, she thought he seemed like the best choice. Truthfully, there weren’t many in the family to choose from…there are people who practice, and some who don’t…and for those who do, I didn’t want to cause undue drama, namely with my sister. My daughter wanted the after celebration to be just us also…she wanted something private with just us, and it was a beautiful evening. I remember growing up in an Italian family, and everyone and their mother came to celebrate the moment, which was also nice…but, felt like a mini wedding. ha I think she will treasure the experience for a lifetime. It was very special. :slight_smile: She’s happy the classes are over too! :stuck_out_tongue:


:extrahappy: Congratulations!!! :extrahappy: :hug3:



Congrats! I wish our diocese would confirm at that age as well. I just think they are mature enough to actually be able to comprehend confirmation classes and young enough to let it in. Plus they need those graces to enter the later teen years! Our kids will be confirmed in 11th grade, which is unnecessarily late in my opinion, but then again I am not the bishop!

*I didn’t know this, I thought all teens made it in 8th/9th grade. Hmm…

Thanks everyone! :)*



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