My daughters First Communion

Grace and Peace,

Soon my daughter will have her First Communion and I was wondering… what is the little white purse for? What does she do with the rosary? What does she do with her gloves? :shrug:


None of those things are necessary for First Communion. They are sold as sets just to have as gifts by companies that cater to First COmmunicants. You usually are not allowed to carry anything into the church. The rosary she could use to pray whenever she wants

The purse and gloves are just for little girls who like to be pretty, they aren’t necessary for Communion. I remember my Great Aunt who owns a religious store gave me a little purse for my First Communion and a cross ring with a little tiny green gem, it was pretty. The rosary is just for her to pray with and to have a nice pretty rosary


Certainly you want to be sure that she removes her gloves if she is going to receive in the hand.

In our parish the girls are instructed to leave their gloves and purses with their parents. They can put them back on for the pictures.

They kids are all encouraged to have their rosaries and any medals, crucifixes, etc. that they may have received as gifts with them. Father blesses them at the end of the Mass.

Your parish undoubtedly will fill you in on all the protocol. Congratulations to your family. :slight_smile:

Just a reminder…
Make sure your daughter wears modest feminine clothing, I cannot tell you how annoyed I am at parents who let their children dress so horribly in the presence of the Lord.

I so agree with you. I just had my confirmation as an adult…and it was a group confirmation…half of the girls dressed like they were going to the Prom…very inappropriate :frowning:

chrisb, if there is a rehearsal or something, that is a good opportunity to also ask the priest :slight_smile: But I think just like the others who answered…those accessories are not needed during the ceremony.

God bless you all!

The last First Communion I went to was more of a fashion show than anything. The dresses and hair were way over the top. They were literally wedding dresses for girls. Multi-tied veils, poofy white ballgown style dresses, over-the-top updos… It was ridiculous!

As for the gloves, if she goes up for communion wearing gloves, she will have to receive communion on the tongue.

The rosary is for her to pray prior to the Mass for first Holy Communion.

The Gloves are for her to keep her hands clean prior to receiving the Eucharist.

The purse is the place for her to put her rosary after praying it and to put her gloves prior to approaching the priest for Communion.:thumbsup:

the purse and the gloves if they are part of a first communion gift package are there to make it more expensive, they have nothing to do with the rite and are not necessary. She takes the gloves off before she goes to receive communion. She uses the rosary for prayer (outside Mass) as a Catholic devotional. She should have at least begun to learn how to pray the rosary in her class, but like most private devotions that is best taught at home. The scapular which is also included in most gift sets is another private devotion she is free to wear. There is a special blessing to invest someone in the scapular which some parishes do for all the communicants, usually after some kind of preparation. Ask her teacher if this is planned. She can still wear the scapurlar if she wishes. Ask when the priest or deacon will be blessing the religious articles they children receive as gifts (often after Mass).

We got the little person set for our oldest daughter, it didn’t have gloves. She loves it and takes it to Mass everyweek and to Adoration. She keeps her Rosary and prayer book in it for both. It didn’t cost very much, 5 or 6 dollars. We ordered a set for our second daughter who will make her First Communion on Mother’s Day!! I know she will enjoy having a pretty bag to carry her Rosary in as well.

I only want to add, let your daughter have some input in choice of dress, shoes, etc. and let her have her choice if it is modest, appropriate, and you can afford it (don’t even let her see alternatives that are not). For me I prefer they not have anything in the pew that distracts them, some are nervous enough, but most girls enjoy the purse and other things so there is no harm. Personally like all such occassions I would wait for Granny to weigh in on what she wants to do and let her pay for what she wants to buy before spending my money.

Lucia dos Santos, one of the Fatima seers, received Communion at an earlier age than most children because her spiritual formation was so good, the bishop couldn’t refuse her. So the advice her spiritual director gave the young “Sister Lucy” was to ask God as she was receiving Communion, **“Lord, make me a saint.” **

Ha ha, I will remember this when the time comes for my dd to make her first communion, great advice!

Tsk! Tsk! :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember my first communion dress. My mom made it and the veil was made out of a wire hanger and tulle. Girls these days are spoiled!

I LOVE THIS! thank you!


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