My dd wants to be baptized!


My youngest DD age 8 completed her 1st year CCD, I got a letter about her upcoming Baptism this Oct. Now, last night I found myself with just my older DD, 14, for dinner& I let her know that her sister will be baptized, family over, etc. She says "I want to be baptized can I do it with her?"
This was totally on her own-we had no religious education until their father & I separated, I was advised to let my older children make their own decisions (“Don’t give them an ultimatum”) and not to push, teenagers might turn their backs, etc.
Some background: ex thinks CC is not a Christian church, I did not baptize any of my 4 children because of his belief that "only adults get baptized."
I am just so happy.


Schedule an appointment with your Priest. As your children are over age 8, they will come into the Church in the same manner adults do. Baptism, 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation will all take place at the same time :smiley: Your Priest will get them in the right program.


Wonderful news! :slight_smile:


How exciting!


God’s grace at work in your family, stand back for a tornado of grace, it comes strongest when it comes through our children. Hope to hear from you from time to time how it is going for you and your family through this process. Home is a great place to be.


Congrats - and God’s grace to all of you.


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