My dear friend is gay, and I need some advice

That hardly applies only to some homosexuals. There are also plenty of self-righteous and intolerant Christians, too. And atheists can be intolerant and self-righteous. In fact, lots of people are like that. :shrug:

That has not been my experience, at all.


It’s a type of person rather than a sexual orientation.


Be a good friend with all that entails. It might be difficult.
If your friend is a good friend, he will reciprocate and not expect you to act contrary to your faith.

Good friends talk to one another.
They eat together,
know each other’s friends and loved ones.
Have a common sense of purpose in life (this might cause some problems).
Tolerate (not condone) each other’s weaknesses. Tolerance means I will continue to respect you as a person despite our disagreements.

Christ did eat with sinners. He did not eat with sinners because they were worthy of his presence. He ate with sinners because he loves people.
EVERYONE IS A SINNER, so when we say Christ dines with sinners, we mean he dines with us, who are all unworthy compared to him. His love cleans us up for the table.

I believe he expressed opinion on certain behaviours, not on “gays”.

Beliefs differ, truth is absolute. If you wish to assert that the Catholic teaching is not truth, of course you can.

True of course but the tendency is on these threads to blame only those who are intolerant to homosexuals and never depict homosexuals as that way! A question of balance. The victimhood idea.

While you’re on such a self righteous roll, why not arrange a nice little auto da fe? That’s one way to deal with sinners. Love and example often accomplish much more than the grouchy rebuke you seem to be championing.

What strikes me about this question is that I don’t think the Catechism covers this subject. I suppose the CCC can’t cover everything, but the point is, it doesn’t cover everything.

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