My Delicious Pepperoni Pizza - at what point would I have sinned?

True story: here I am sitting in a meeting having skipped my last meal - so I am hungry. The facilitator is covering an in-depth topic requiring our full attention when in comes the Pizza man with an incredibly delicious looking and smelling pizza loaded with cheese and pepperoni - something I have always loved as a child. Because I am situated in the back near the door as well as the aisle, he places it right in front of my nose between me and the presenter. Note, in order to avoid the distraction, I could have gotten up and moved to another seat, but that would have caused the others in the room to be distracted as well. So out of politeness, I was more or less socially obligated to sit there with this warm delicious looking pizza wafting in front of me as others who were in reach began to reach over and take slices.

Had this been a Friday in Lent, where would I have begun to sin - that is, crossed the line?
*]At noticing the Pepperoni Pizza?
*]At choosing not to move in order to avoid temptation - even though this meant disrupting others?
*]At the trigger of my salivary glands as it reacted to the delicious smell of the pizza - and in particular the pepperoni on the pizza?
*]At the imagining (with my imagination, of course) the taste of that delicious pepperoni pizza?
*]At the moment that my conscience reminded that eating meat on a Lenten Friday is a sin but kept on imagining its delicious taste as I imaginarily put it in my mouth.
*]Struggling between the imagination of putting the pepperoni pizza into my mouth vs. paying attention solely to the topic of the presenter (or at least focusing on anything else) - a struggle which could result in several fantasies of tasting that pepperoni pizza vs. pointing my attention on the specifics of the meeting. Would this be several sins vs. several acts of virtue? Or is the battle over my focus of attention no sin, yet?
*]At choosing not to pull off the pepperoni before I ate the pizza - which would have been a dissatisfying workaround?
*]Or at swallowing a piece of that delicious pepperoni pizza?

I think metaphorically it provides a great dissection of temptation in general.


No sin at all until you purposely and knowingly eat the pepperoni.

Fasting in Lent is a simple matter of “If I remember I’m supposed to be fasting, and I don’t have any health or age reason preventing me from fasting, do I obey the Church discipline and fast?” It’s a simple go or no go, as Bill P says.

There’s nothing wrong with pulling off the pepperoni, either. You can even tell people, “Hey, I’m not in the mood for pepperoni - if I pull mine off, will you eat them for me?”

I thought the sin would have been to put it in your mouth and eat it, intentionally disregarding the fast.

Is it a sin to crave certain food?

For lust, anger and envy, entertaining cravings in one’s imagination is a sin, correct?
So entertaining a sinful act of breaking the obligatory abstinence (assuming no exceptions apply) motivated by a sort of gluttony in one’s imagination would NOT be a sin? - not even a little bitty sin?

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