My dh got me a catholic christmas


Christmas is not my favorite holiday to begin with, and this year had a really yucky start sat. and most fri.
But by miracle of will-power I made it to midnight mass and most of chirstmas day was much better.
Sirius Radio!!!
Our Lady of Lourdes statue
Madonna and child font
and $ for the bookstore
**ain’t he the bestest non-catholic hubby?:wink: **

And now I sit here enjoying my breakfast pie and mocha latte.

Hope you all have a great christmas season!

**The rest of my week will be spent in extreme decluttering. The gift of less to myself.:stuck_out_tongue: **


God bless dear husbands especially ones that lift their best friends, their wives up. Hug your spouse each day, no one knows when the Lord will call us!

Merry Christmas to you.


Merry Christmas. I tend to agree, it shouldn’t all be about the stress of trying to find good presents to give or the greed when one wants a good present.

You have a good hubby, maybe someday he can influence me to become a good hubby to for my very lucky future spouse :thumbsup:

I received The Purpose Driven Life and The Imitation of Christ.

Can you all pray for the intercession on me and my future wife (whenever I actually find my future spouse :() when Christmas comes around that I may possibly get her some uber cool religios presents? :slight_smile: Just a quick little prayer works. Thanks :slight_smile:


aww :slight_smile: That is SO awesome esp. since he’s not Catholic :).

Hubby got me a Divine Mercy image, which needs to be framed :D. And, of course, we received a lot of religious stuff from my parents - we’ll see what we get from his side this weekend :).


Hubby got me a Divine Mercy image,

Mine got me this along with a prayer book centered around the Gospels.


My husband is an atheist, and I am in the process of returning to full communion with the church after being away a long time. I pray for him daily. This year for Chirstmas he bought me and dd a holy card and religious medal for “stocking stuffers”. The fact that he walked into the Catholic bookstore and chose those for us warmed my heart and gave me hope.


DH has no idea what he got me because I ordered it (or will order it) he got me the new small size Ignatius bible, it is beautiful, I got the maroon with zipper cover, the typeface is a bit light otherwise it is fine for my go-to-chapel bag.

He also got me a few books from Ignatius Press, Catholicism for Dummies (really for the HS catechists, but I enjoy it), and a crib set from Leaflet Missal, a liturgical desk calendar, and an artificial poinsettia in glass that looks real, and some jigsaw puzzles and cryptic crossword puzzle books.

I think he is probably going to get me a fleece jacket and a pair of cross trainers that will fit my orthotics, and a new purse.

I don’t know what I got him but I am betting it will be a combo christmas/anniversary/birthday gift, it will be huge and have a flat screen, and entail shifting all the furniture around to facilitate TV viewing, and will be installed in time for the superbowl, if not the Ohio State game.


my husband is also non catholic, actually he is anti church of anything but does belive in god, the only thing I wanted for christmas was a rosary, I became catholic on this past easter. So i really wanted one. ON christmas I open up my present and it was a rosary from my favorite saint’s shrine, and my husband also had contacted our priest and had him bless it before christmas. My husband is wonderful.


Ooooo! You are going to love the Catholic Channel!!

And God Bless your lovely husband for being so good to you!



My husband - isn’t Catholic and usually doesn’t go to Mass with us - gave me a diamond cross for Christmas/Anniversary present. I was really surprised and thankful. I came back to the Church last year - and my two children will be baptized at the Easter Vigil.

We all went to Church on Christmas Eve. It was very crowded - which didn’t please him - but at least he was there. Although ten minutes before we were ready to leave - he was in his sweats on the sofa. I thought he wasn’t going at all.


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