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I go to Catholic School and love it, going to Catholic School is the first thing that made me feel like I belonged. Before I found God four years ago I was stupid and in distress. It wasn’t until I almost took my own life that I found God. I fell in love and insisted that my family go to church more. I now go to mass a minimum of twice a week and am trying to find the most time to spend with the Lord.

I have been discerning the sisterhood since last year, and I feel that this is what I am called to do after I finish school. Last night was my confirmation and it was beautiful (I chose the name Elizabeth Ann, because she founded the first free Catholic School). Just today I’ve prayed the rosary, prayed in first period and last,prayed for the people in the bombing, and am going to pray before bed.

I love math and science, and would love to pursue healthcare or education. Does anyone know which religious orders I should look into with my prayer-life and interests.


Elizabeth Ann Seton, first American saint to be canonized! :smiley:
I am new to the discernment process as well, but I love the Religious Sisters of Mercy in Alma, MI, as well as the Dominicans (personal favorites are the Dominicans in Ann Arbor, MI and Nashville, TN, but I don’t know which part of the world you’re from). These both combine the active and contemplative lifestyles, and they both focus on gaining the highest education possible. They’re fully in line with the Magisterium. The RSM focuses a little more on healthcare (with a fourth vow of service to the poor), and the Dominicans that I mentioned are geared more toward teaching, but as I understand it, they do many things.


Thank you for your insight. I am from Florida, and my school’s campus minister is retiring, so next year I will have no one to talk to in person about my vocation.


I attended catholic high school for two years. Stark contrast between tax-fed curriculum and having to scrape together spare change to procure books and uniforms.

Ask your campus minister if they can refer you to someone else.

If this link doesn’t get a list of communities in Florida, and I highly suggest looking locally first, then the link should get you a page where you can narrow the search to your locality.



I would suggest a slow, methodical approach. Read as much about different orders, talk to people who are in theses orders. Your diocese should have an office of vocations that may have someone who will help. Information is key to your decision and don't overlook the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I am in the same process right now in discerning a 3rd order. Keep the faith. Read some books on the lives of different saints. The answer is out there for you.


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