My dream of the Rosary

I’m not really sure if I posted this already and if I did I apologize for the repeat. I had this dream on June.9/09/Tues.

I was walking upstairs from our front landing, when I saw a huge off-white envelope stuck between a mirror that was sitting beside the banister (This is in real “waking” life my dad leaned it up against the banister so he could hang it up). I noticed it was addressed to me and I asked my dad “Why didn’t anyone tell me I got mail?” and my dad answered, “I forgot.”

I gathered up my mail and went into a bedroom (I don’t recall if it was my bedroom I went into)

But, when I opened my mail there was polished rocks that shined like gems and beads, a handful of Rosaries made from rocks (some were brown, some were marble, white, etc.), and some flat colored marble rocks that had a Crucifix and the letters IHS engraved in the stone. I remember the 3 words really stood out.

At first, I thought the rocks (since they appeared to be gems and beads and were various shapes,sizes, and colors) were broken Rosaries or bits that “they” sent for me to make Rosaries but in my dream I felt like they had a meaning or represented something…Perhaps, since they were different shapes, sizes, and colors maybe that represented all the people to Pray a Rosary for…Pray the Rosary for ALL people.

I knew that the Rosaries were to be handed out though.

I don’t remember if there was a letter. I just remember putting my hand in the envelope and feeling all the polished rocks, beads, gems, and holding the Rosaries in my left hand.

I do remember that I received the mail from Auckland, NZ., Carmelites, O’Carm.

Has anyone else had similar dreams?

Have you ever dreamt of Our Lady, Our Lord, Saints?

Pope, Bishops, Priests, Nuns, Religious, etc.? Catholic?

Hi, you might want to take a look at this Rosary with colored beads to see if you recognize them from your dream. And yes, I once had a dream about our Lady. I didn’t actually see her, I just saw her blue shimmering light high above - wait, I wrote a song about it! :slight_smile:

The Dream

I went up to a mountain
I took a look around
There were birds and trees
And a steady breeze
But I could not hear a sound

And high above a canyon
I could see a shimmering light
It was bright and blue
And right then I knew
This was going to be the night

‘Cause when the time comes
Well, you won’t believe your eyes
All the times you’d long forgotten will rush by

I woke up from this strange dream
I took a look inside
What I thought was white
Was really black
No matter how I tried

And when I looked into the mirror
A sinner I did find
‘Cause what I thought was right
Was really wrong
In the looking glass of time

But when the time comes
And the fear is in your eyes
Don’t you know it’s not too late to make it right

And when the future reigns
If the world’s not what it seems
Then the only explanation there can be
Is it really wasn’t only just a dream

**I remember I dreamt of Heaven one night when I was just a young girl. It had a realistic element to it most of my dreams don’t, and I remember seeing the brightness of a white light, all around me and very powerful, and feeling a deep, vibrant, consuming joy and happiness. I recall the vague impression of mist, a cooling, refreshing and in no way chilling mist. I’m not positive of any other details, but I’m fairly certain I knew at the time where I was in the dream, although it is possible I may have made the connection later.

It was a place of beauty beyond compare, though. That I do remember, and I still receive a feeling of warmth within me whenever I concentrate on it. **

I think your song is very well written! Not surprising when considering the inspiring dream that brought it about!

Well, thank you. The amazing part, to me, is that there is some good theology in there that I wasn’t even aware of at the time! Including the coming triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary during the Springtime for the Church, when the Great Monarch will reign. :wink:

Wow, powerful dream! That will stay with you till you get there. :slight_smile:

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