My dream.

A few days ago i started to research the Orthodox faith. At first i found a lot of doubt about my Catholic faith, and started researching more and more. I then realized that Catholicism does make more sense and our beliefs are backed with more evidence and logic. So finally the day was over and i went to bed. I feel asleep and had this dream. It was about two guys talking about some bishop meeting. They were from these age but it seemed that they were thinking that they live in late antiquity or early middle ages, so basically the time of the early Church councils. When i woke up, i couldn’t remember everything in the dream, but i’m pretty sure that the first one said to the second, “the pope’s power is increasing”, or something like that, and the second when hearing this said that he doesn’t care, in the sense that he doesn’t want to be bothered, because there is an upcoming council or conference of the 12 bishops. Now i cannot understand this dream. But it looks like that God might be telling me that in the time of the early councils, the bishop of Rome was just like any other bishop but then his power became increasing, the believers pretty much ignored the issue and focused on the councils. And with that council or conference of the 12 bishops, the 12 bishops might represent the 12 apostles, so the Church. So to conclude the dream might say that the councils were councils of 12 equal men, later to be councils of much more than just 12 equal, and that the power of the bishop of rome, one of the 12, started increasing to the point it is today.

I really believe that the RCC is much more logical, but this dream… i don’t know what to think of it. Please help.

Well, yes, it could be God telling you that.

But it’s much more likely that you were simply having a dream, a sort of subconscious unpacking of the various things you had been reading.

While God most certainly gives private revelations to His people now and then, the norm is for Him to simply permit us to use our intellects and our wills, combined with graces He may give to us, and to propel us to seek answers to questions we have by using these and other tools.

Understanding the various issues at stake which divide our Orthodox brethren from the Bishop of Rome is something that goes beyond trying to find an understanding based only on mysticism.

I agree with you, but how can i know when God is giving me a private revelation or when its just “simply a dream”?

Most of the time you don’t.
Even if it IS a private revelation, it is most likely only a small part of something much larger that will become more clear over time.
The great saints teach us that with such thing it is best to simply acknowledge the thought / idea / inspiration and then to move on. Trust in God to properly lead you.


Don’t bother posting, he’s a troll, i.e., look at his posts and the threads he’s opened. He claims also to feel like Islam is the true faith.

When asked, most Christians would say they believe the Bible.

But when probed further, and asked specifically about the wild, supernatural events that took place throughout the Old and New Testaments—those things—can they be taken literally. That’s usually when the words symbolism, or allegory, or metaphorical get thrown around to avoid having to actually say 'that’s too strange to be true.

’ Did the Red Sea really part to allow the Jews to escape the Egyptians?

Did one angel really strike down armies of men? Did Jesus really walk on water, turn water into wine, be born of a virgin, feed 5000 with a just few baskets of food…did those things really happen? Or were they just metaphors?

Backed into a corner with the reality that the Bible actually says these things happened, some Christians prefer to draw a line in the sand and say that was then, in Bible times, and this is now. Today things are different. We live in a different world. God doesn’t need to use supernatural exploits to accomplish His plan—it’s already been accomplished. Jesus put an end to all of that craziness. God no longer needs to speak to us through a dream we have at night, or show us things in a vision, or send angels to help us, protect us, or deliver important instructions. Those things ended long ago. And it’s a good thing too, because those things are messy and hard to explain. Mysteries are for Hollywood.

Dreams and Mysteries with John Paul Jackson is a television show that will not shy away from the difficult questions about the supernatural arena. Everything is fair game. But the ultimate purpose of this show is to change your paradigm of God. To make you aware of the wonderful spiritual mysteries we overlook every day and encourage you to chase after them for yourselves. We want everyone to leave changed.

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