My dresses feel too short


So, I just started college, and after seeing what some of these girls wear, all my dresses and shorts feel way, wayyy too short. You’d think that would be because they’re wearing modest stuff? Absolutely not. When I see these girls running around in shorts and dresses so short they can’t bend over without making me cringe and fear they’ll flash everybody, or they’re wearing tops with such plunging necklines that they can’t possibly be wearing anything under it or it would show, or even worse, both of those fashions together, it makes me incredibly self conscious and makes me want to be more modest, and I have no idea why. Especially at mass, when the girls bow to go lector or receive communion I cringe and pull my dress down farther. None of my dresses are really that short compared to other stuff, they go past my fingertips if my hands are at my sides, but I’ve discovered knee length dresses are a) comfortable, b) less risky on windy days, and c) cute. Anyway, anyone have any ideas for how I can either make my dresses longer, or do you think I’m overthinking?

Also I’m a broke college student so please don’t suggest buying new dresses, I really couldn’t afford that


If you feel uncomfortable in your dresses, maybe you could get a pair of opaque leggings, or something similar, to wear underneath?


Shop at a thrift store, and ask what their sale days are. For example, Thrift King has pretty good prices to begin with, but they have 25% off days, or 40% days off pretty often. You will find some longer items there, and won’t spend a lot at all.


Black leggings are wonderful under short skirts!


i second this,


I wouldn’t mind wearing leggings, except I live in oklahoma and it gets so hot


Not to mention I only i own two pairs and they’re tribal print :joy:


Get some opaque stocking or tights, they are lighter than leggings.


Do the dresses have hems you can let down?

What about maybe wearing shorts underneath?

Other than that, I can’t think of anything other than the leggings suggestion. I just saw some at Wal Mart that were under $10 a pair. They’re lightweight, so they might comfortable in the heat.


If you have any skills at sewing, adding a bit of fabric in a complimentary or contrasting color can work. The major fabric store in this area (JoAnn Fabrics) has excellent coupons if you let them text you. They also have a clearance area, which nearly always has some pretty nice fabrics you can use for trim.

Also, try googling things like “t-shirt dress” or “DIY skirt changes” – you know, things like that. You might find some excellent inspiration from what others have done. Some ideas require nearly zero experience with sewing or even crafting. Others require a higher skill level. But nearly all of them start with something like a t-shirt or a super large blouse or man’s dress shirt from the thrift store.

Best of luck, and have fun!


You might not be able to buy anything, but are there places to get free stuff? FreeCyle is one thing I’m thinking of.


Yes, if you sew and have a Pinterest time suck, er…account, :wink: look up upcycled clothing. Wonderfull new clothes made by combining old clothing and cutting away parts of shirts, or using fabric to lengthen skirts or make dresses.


The tea length is pretty durned cute, especially if you’re a co-ed. It’s a cool girl length. I’m amazed at how many cute skirts I’m able to find at Goodwill. Try hitting a few on half-off Saturdays. Fun.


You could even buy/make some kind of slip or underskirt, or even use a proper skirt underneath… if you choose it well.


Capri length are great for summer, you can get cotton leggings :slight_smile:


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