My Encounter With Jehovah's Witnesses

Hi all…

Some Jehovah’s Witnesses came through my neighborhood last weekend.

Here is how the conversation turned out.

Nick Alexander

I have done that and they never came back with a reply.:shrug:

Good job! I will try that angle next time. As you said, confrontational proof texting is just a stalemate.

They knocked on my door this Saturday too. I expect it was the good weather that brought them here.

When I answered they’re opening line was “We’re here to offer you some Good News!” and I said “Are you Christian?” to which they replied “Sure we are!” and I said “No, you’re not. You believe in a god by the name of Jehovah. I believe God’s name is Jesus and if you look in that Bible you’re carrying you’ll find that it says Jesus is Lord. You deny Him and call Him by some other name, so you really cannot claim to be Christian because that means you are a follower of Jesus Christ not Jehovah.” She started on the Jesus is the Son of God routine, but I wasn’t going there. I then said, “You really aren’t Christian and you shouldn’t try to pass yourself off as one,” and closed my door.

I’m pretty routine in how I deal with them. I recently moved here and I wasn’t in my new home 48 hours before they knocked the first time. How they got wind of me being here is beyond me, but they did. My mail hadn’t even gotten forwarded yet. The town I live in now is very Protestant and has just about all the main denominations represented. The sad thing is two of the Catholic churches here have closed recently and there is only one Roman Rite left along with a very impoverished Byzantine Rite Parish. Sad, very sad.


I just plan on starting off the conversation “Okay, okay, I bet you 20 bucks that you can’t convince me of your faith” Jehovah’s aren’t allowed to gamble. This should make them leave.

For those interested, that was only a summary. You can read their full conversation here.

I think that the OP was kind, but why in the world would other people be rude to them? I don’t understand how denigrating their beliefs and closing the door in their faces could possibly lead them to the Church.

An older lady (my neighbor from a few doors down) and a younger one came to my door just a month ago with JW literature. They asked me if I pray, and I said, “Of course I do! I’m Catholic!” They replied with, “That’s great!” We had a friendly, brief exchange, and they went on their way. Why use rudeness?

They will not be back. I had a similar encounter with them years ago, and since then I have been avoided like the plague.

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