My evangelical dental surgeon has Bibles in his waiting room

I don’t think that rule applies in the case of NHS doctors and dentists. They are funded by the government, but they are not government employees and their premises are not government property. An NHS hospital would be a different matter, though, I think.

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It is inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour. Were these left in the dentist’s office I use I would ask the dentist had he place them there to clarify matters. If he said yes I would ask could they please be removed as evangelising whilst at work is a breach of ethics, I’d request the same were it a copy of the Q’uran or Torah or any other religious work. He is attempting to use his waiting room as a place for evangelization by doing that, it is not in keeping with professional behaviour.

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Separation of Church and state isn’t even a good thing. The secular state has led to a great many evils: abortion, euthanasia, usury, homosexual “marriage” and adoption, no-fault divorce/single parent households, child abuse through the trans movement, 1st deadly sin parades, etc.

That may be true, I don’t know much about the UK rules and organizations.

If it’s a Bible approved by the Church of England, I don’t think there would be any basis for a government complaint.


How is leaving a Bible in a waiting room inappropriate? No one is being prompted to pick one up. I’m assuming it isn’t the only thing to read. You can ignore it if you want.


The dentist is plainly leaving them there for patients to read. There are particular rules with regards to evangelizing in any way for NHS staff. You simply don’t do it.

I will never see the sense in these rules. Is it really going to hurt anyone if someone happens to pick up a Bible and skim through the first few pages?


At Marriott hotels (and all its affiliated brands) there used to be a Book of Mormon in addition to the Bible, even in their hotels located outside of Utah.

(They don’t do this anymore though.)

In that case, it sounds like it would be a question for the BDA to decide, or the BMA in the case of medical doctors. Possibly both associations have guidelines of some kind, though I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any doctor or dentist being penalized on the grounds of inappropriate reading matter in the waiting room.

I own a book of Mormon. Staying at a hotel in Utah the sticker inside said “please, keep this copy” so I did.


If you replace “Bible” with “Quran” or “Satanic Bible” would you still agree?

I see tons of inappropriate magazines with photos in the grocery store for everyone to see as we wait our turn at the till. Little kids see images that are shaping their views on sexuality while they are in the shopping cart seat.

Someone has a bible in the waiting room? That’s awesome.


The grocery is not a doctor or dentist’s waiting room. The comparison is fallacious on numerous levels.

Yes, I would agree! What is the harm? I can’t imagine anything bad happening!


My suggestion is that we don’t know what’s inappropriate anymore.


Who is ‘we’? a grocery is a retail business, I dislike the sort of magazines you mention but trying to compare a grocery store and a dentist’s waiting room is odd.

I presume you would be ok with a Muslim dentist having copies of the Q’uran? A Jewish one copies of the Torah and Hindu one copies of the Gita etc. etc.

Obviously you care about this, and that’s your prerogative if the doctor is in your country.

I couldn’t care less. To me, “evangelizing” in a doctor’s office would require a lot more than “he has a Bible out on the table”.

I note that in USA, doctors are generally private, and the only rules on them would be imposed perhaps by the private hospital or medical group they were working for, which they would be free to quit if they didn’t like the rules. If it’s his own office where he pays the rent, he can put out what he wants and we can feel free to use his services or not use them as we want.


I daresay this would be a whole lot more interesting to read while I wait than the usual dogeared copies of Time…


Sure why not? It’s a free world.

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