My experience at an non denominational men's group

I know my catholic faith and practice it.
I am very well versed in the New Testament.
A close friend asked me to go to his bible study at 6:30am this morning.
I went he texted me that he over slept so I was alone with a new group of people.
We watched a video by focus on the family.
I didn’t realize but a brochure fell on the ground out of bible on how to say the rosary.
When one guy saw it he got up in a hurry and left then another guy sat with me trying to explain how to read the bible when I was able to answer all his scripture questions he seemed very very puzzled.
I think I will go back

Was it your Bible or did it belong to somebody else? It sounds like there might have been another Catholic there.

Love it!! Keep it up!!!:cool::cool:

If everyone there is conciliatory and positive and charitable, why not? More interfaith cooperation is needed, imho. Satan is my number one enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Are you going to slip CAF tracts into their Bibles when they’re not looking?

Keep us posted!:thumbsup:

No it was my rosary prayer card I remember getting

I will but they are taking off 2 months for summer. I can say the biggest disappointment I have always had at Protestant bible studies is the lack of reading of scripture while at my parish our men’s group studies the readings each week and really dives into scripture


There is a lot of interest among Evangelical Protestants in ancient traditions and Catholicism. Several high-profile Evangelical pastors/teachers have converted to Catholicism in the last year. The internet has made it possible for many busy Evangelical Protestants to learn about and even experience Catholicism (Mass) online.

So keep going! Godspeed!

How can there be a lack of reading scripture at a bible study? Me confused on what it is they are doing… :confused:

Who are these high profile Protestants who have converted?

There is a laundry list…I bet there is one and his congregation in every major american city in Seattle the first person that comes to mind is jason Stallman a Presbyterian

I have been to at least a dozen non denominational churches and less than 10-20% is spent on scripture and the majority of the time is spent on a pastors opinion on “how to be a better leader” or pick a topic

I’ve been to many as well - we never even had a pastor… just one opinion on interpretation after another.

Here’s just 1% of them:

Not to mention those who converted to the Orthodox Church for the same reasons.

No need to. Sounds like he knows his faith well and can handle himself.

It’s Jason Stellman.

If you’re equipped for the criticism, go ahead, but beware the temptation to “get even” using the same sorts of uncharitable tactics fundamentalists have abused catholics with for years.

Don’t go in preaching and telling them they’re wrong. Wait for them to challenge you. Then you can respond without being guilty of rabble rousing. And who knows, maybe they’ll surprise you with a maturity beyond the anti-Catholic nonsense of the past. Give 'em the chance anyways!

I tried this more than one once. Even told the group I was in once, listen I don’t want to go down this road because it will produce a bad feeling among you when I tell you. They insisted, I dropped the gauntlet with each question and there was just stunned silence from everyone until someone started talking about sports about 10 minutes later… needless to say I wasn’t invited back

Do you remember a few of the questions?

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