My faith is wavering- please help! Doubting Jesus!

First of all, let me say that I undoubtedly believe in God. Every single cell in my body knows that there God is all around us.

For the last couple years, I have been majorly struggling with my faith. I have read many, many books on the subject, talked to a priest and had many conversations with friends and family about it. But I’m no closer to regaining that faith. In fact, I’m even further away.

Right now, my focus is on Jesus. Again, I absolutely believe that he lived on this Earth. I know he was here. What I’m doubting is his divinity, per say.

The reason I say this is because I don’t feel that people of other religions are not “saved” in the Christian way. Because I believe that God is **all encompassing love **and compassion, I don’t believe that He would send any loving and moral person to Hell because they happened to be born in India and believe in someone named Ganesh. However He is able to save them (giving them a chance to recieve Him at Heaven’s Gate, dismissing their earthly beliefs because of thier moral character, etc) I believe that if He can, He will.

I have been called heretical and not a Christian because I believe this. So, I can take it if someone on here says I’m going to Hell. I don’t believe I am.

Do I believe that Jesus was able to perform miracles, heal the sick and blind, raise the dead, etc? Do I think he was able to speak to God and had a direct connection to Him? Do I think he was an ascended Holy man that was closer to God than I can ever hope to come in my lifetime? Yes. I can believe in that. But if God says that we are all His children, what makes Jesus being the Son of God any different?

And believe me when I say that all of this is making me sick to my stomach. I HATE having doubts in my faith. What I wouldn’t give to go back to having that unwavering faith in both God and Jesus. What I wouldn’t give to be strong in that.

My husband tells me that this is something I will have to reconcile with myself because on this earth in my lifetime, I will never know these things. People cannot answer them for me. I will have to come to peace with all of this on my own and in my own terms. I’m praying that that is sooner than later.

So, I beg for your prayers for me to find my strong faith again.
Thank you.

Dear sister in Christ,
I will pray for you, in the mean time, I urge you to pray a Rosary, 5 decades everyday. This will help you. Also read some books written by the Blessed Mother Teresa, No Greater Love. She has a very merciful spirituality and might help you understand God’s mercy, and I recomend St. Therese, her story of a Soul. She had such a Child-like spirituality.

Having a devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary is amazing, and will light up that darkness your experiencing. Pray and ask for her intercession, she will pray for you, and be your advocate if you let her.

Everyone has dark nights, and you might be experiencing one.
1). I want you to listen to this youtube audio link if you can first on God’s love… Its my favorite. Here’s a You tube link:
Secondly we’re not to worry about how other people will be at judgement, only ourselves, we should be only concerned with our own salvation, and the salvation of souls, not about the details we can never know. Say the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, and dont worry.

Thirdly, we are adopted as God’s children, because of Christ, who is God, and the Son of God. Galatians 3:26. Faith has mysteries, we cant figure it all out. I caution you to putting too much attention on the “Historical Jesus” and not on the Divine Jesus. It is the Divine Jesus you need to focus on.
Fourthly, Padre Pio always said “Pray, hope and don’t worry.” Don’t forget about Hope. Trust in Jesus. Get a Divine Mercy picture if you can.

Remember to say the rosary or at least a Hail Mary slowly. If you need more help PM me.
Peace in Christ
Jesus loves more than you know.

How do I do that when I find it hard to believe in His divinity? What can I do to get that faith in His divinity back? Because I do believe He existed and was able to perform miracles and such, but what makes Jesus any different from any of the other religion’s prophets, ex Mohammad, Buddha, etc?

Would like to give you another help. Submitting your will to Jesus Christ, is the best way to quell this dark doubting your in. The saints did this in times of trial. I think the best example of this darkness your in and trust, in the Holy Scriptures is Matthew 14:22-33. What Peter should have done, is instead of looking at the turbulant sea, and the howling winds, is to keep his eyes fixed on Christ, and to trust His divinity, His care for him, to tread the waves. What you need to do is to entrust your heart, and your life to His loving care to tread the spiritual waves your up against. Submitting to Jesus and saying that you believe He is “Lord and God” in that darkness, gives God great pleasure, and thats when your opening your heart to Christ. Remember when you pray to Jesus, you are also praying to the Father. And Jesus said “whoever has seen Me, you has seen the Father.” John 14: 9-10
Hince the love and mercy of God, is known in the world only through Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.

This darkness is perhaps a trial, but it can serve to increase God’s grace. Build up that treasury of grace God has for you and trust in Him. Saying prayers like “Jesus, I trust in You.” Repeatedly help.

Pray the Holy Rosary. Please. :slight_smile:

i was told there are two choices

1-accept Christ and be saved

2-burn in eternal hell fire

if i’m not misunderstanding, this is the reason for the inquisitions.

The foundation of the Christian Faith is the belief in the Holy Trinity. That Jesus is not only the Son of God but is God in the flesh. That he died for our sins. That can not be said about any one else who ever lived or ever will live. If you don’t have faith in what the bible says I don’t understand how you say you are a Christian. I will pray for your eyes to be opened to see the truth of the faith. Perhaps you should read books written by St. Theresa who went through feelings of doubt and confussion. Then there is St. John of the Cross and the “The Dark Nigh of the Soul”". Praying to the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother for help will help also. They are always there for you.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.- Hebrews 11:1

I have been where you are- definitely a have to see the scars kind of follower in my younger years. I have seen the Lord work in my life through some life events and had to learn to trust the Lord. I am not one who surrenders easily- always had to be in control especially as a younger woman. Our faith is a journey, not a destination. Be good to yourself and make sure to make time for prayer and scripture reflection so you can hear the still small voice. As a new rosary practitioner as an incoming Methodist to the Catholic Church, I also can’t say enough about the graces it has bestowed in my life. I will pray for you and don’t be too hard on yourself but stay open to what God is saying to you even now. You will be amazed at what the Lord will show you!

God Bless,


I suggest you try to come closer to Jesus and see how He resolves this dilemma for you.

I think you have been listening to a lot of bad information about who is, and is not, going to hell.

If you try and deepen your relationship with Jesus, you may find that you will find the answer to your question.

Once I had a real problem with how “free will” and God’s “seeing the future” could co-exist. This was really bothering me. However, I kept searching. Then an interesting “coincidence” occurred. I was in a religious bookstore and I was browsing through some religious fiction. I picked up a book that dealt with this subject exactly, and a possible solution was explained.

Thus, I am not a theology expert so I cannot answer all your questions. However, when I had a real problem with something, my question was answered.

I think the key for me was to keep seeking God while I sought the answer.

Thank you for the prayers and responses thus far.

Can someone answer this: If Jesus is God, then why pray to Jesus as all. I mean no disrepect to his honor, but why not go straight to the Big Man?

Understanding the Trinity, that God the Father; Jesus the Son; and the Holy Spirit; are all God, but also individual realities, is not an easy concept. I can appreciate your confusion. You ask why we go to Jesus rather than straight to the ‘Big Man’…

Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. Jesus can perfectly understand the human condition, all of our pains and questions and confusions, this fact is very comforting. Jesus has been here, he knows what it is to be human. That is why He is our perfect doorway to the Father.

I will pray for you… I believe that if you strive to know God, and desire a relationship with Him, you also strive to know Jesus, although unknowingly, because Jesus is God. This is true of earnest people of all religions who strive to know and worship God… they are inadvertently striving to know Jesus. And He will not turn His back on them.


Therein lies the rub.

How we feel has nothing to do with truth.

The issue is not what you might feel, but did our LORD speak the truth? If HE did, what does that require us to believe and to do? If not, why bother at all?

I don’t have an opinion on whether Hindus are saved. That’s not my department. I do know that JESUS has the only worthwhile Gospel out there. Therefore what HE says goes. And, therefore, what HIS representatives (the church) says also goes.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

I agree with you full heartedly! Jesus DID speak the truth, and feelings have NOTHING to do with anything. Feelings are fleeting and out of our control… they can trip us up and set us totally on the wrong path! Well put!

At the same time, since I believe in an all loving and all compassionate God, I don’t believe He will turn His back to any of His children that may not have followed Jesus. What happens to the people before Jesus was born? Are they all condemned to Hell because God made them be born before Christ? I don’t believe so. I just finished reading Love Wins by Rob Bell and I loved his explainations on why Gods lve will always win!

I think I did deal with this in my previous post… those who strive to know God, strive to know Jesus inadvertently. God gives us choice… we may choose Him, but we may choose not to choose Him as well. Those who reject God will be honoured for their choice. Rob Bell’s book pre-supposes that we have no choice… that we are robots in a sense, and that we will all be channeled to heaven whether we chose this or not. God doesn’t work this way.

Be careful with popular books that teach what we WANT to hear… ensure that what you are reading has the weight of 2000 years of Christian teaching behind it.


Ok, and I am not arguing with you, chica.

Again, I am not concerned with that. I do not need to be, because our LORD has not given me the keys to Heaven and Hell. He gave them to Saint Peter, as you can see them today embossed on the Vatican City flag.

Again, my sole concern is that our LORD’s is the only real gospel we have, and I believe HE lived, and that HE raised Himself out of death, and therefore what HE says goes. HE never said, “oh, by the way, those who were born too long ago, or too far away to hear about me, will go to Gehenna.” Nor did he say that to follow other religions was ok. We do not need the answer to this issue. It is not our concern.

The only issue for us, again, is whether our LORD spoke the truth; and what, if so, that will mean to the life we live. That’s more than enough for me.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

What I would give for your unwavering faith! :slight_smile:

I just find it hard to buy that every single word in the Bible attributed to Jesus is 100% correct. Yes, gospels were written by people who knew Jesus, but they didn’t have a tape recorder to make sure every single word that was written was correct. There lies my predicament. And I love that Catholicism does not require me to believe in a literal Bible. And at the same time, I can’t believe that every story of Jesus is 100% accurate either. Everyone had their own agenda to push. Everyone had something they thought was deemed more important than others. That is just so hard for me to reconcile.

Now we are getting somewhere:)

They did not need tape recorders; they had the Holy Spirit.

Our LORD, after all, was the wisest mind on human limbs. For 12 men to have lived with HIM for several years, and record EVERYTHING that seemed significant, would have proven frankly impossible. And ultimately, it was not necessary, as the Gospel has propagated quite well using only the remnants we possess.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

Jennifer, I will also pray for you. I am a convert to the faith and had no faith in Jesus for most of my life. So when I started thinking of Christianity and Jesus, I needed some proof of his existence and claims of his divinity. I started reading at the bookstore in the ‘Christianity’ section. A book that really helped me at that time was, ‘A Case For Christ’ by Lee Strobel. Strobel approached Christianity from the same direction I did, someone who grew up with no belief system for Jesus or God in general. Jesus’ claim that he was ‘The Son of Man’ (which has strong messianic overtones - Dan 7:13-14), or in Peter’s profession that Jesus was ‘the Messiah, the Son of the Living God’ (Matt 16:16) or in John 1: 1-5, where Jesus is described as the ‘Word of God’ who was with God before the beginning of everything and that the Word (Jesus) was God. Even Jesus’ own words professed this belief; " Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?" (John 14:10).
Jesus’ first disciples believed this when they saw Jesus after his crucifixion and his resurrection. All of them (including Peter and Paul) professed was they saw and became eye witnesses in professing Jesus’ divinity to all the lands around the Middle East. They did this for no earthly gain, in fact they were despised by many people that they preached the Gospel to, beaten up, run out of town or were killed as martyrs for their testimony of Jesus’ divinity. These are people who knew Jesus, lived with him, saw him during his earthly ministry, why would the lie about something that would bring them death?
And thorough the testimony of the disciples and martyrs (and the Holy Spirit), Christianity rapidly expanded through the mighty Roman Empire (the greatest history had seen), and became the faith of the empire in less than 300 years. The odds are astronomical that could happen as a coincidence. These are facts that started me on my journey as a Catholic Christian.

Why do you think that this is what the Church teaches? :confused: Could it be that your wrong perception of the Church’s teaching on salvation is influencing your doubts?

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