My Family and their faith


Through our understanding, for a Catholic to be granted into eternal life after death, we must all follow the word of Christ, be co-creators, co-redeemers, co-sustainers; do good works, attend mass, avoid sin, receive the sacraments, go to confession and repent. And that’s just some of the things off the top of my head when there are many more things one should do if they want to be a ‘good Christian’.

My family, and my friends, and most of the people I know for that matter, are in no way that religious to the extent where they follow nearly anything close to some of the points I stated above. The majority of my family and friends are simply ‘Catholic Christians’ by name, and do not LIVE like proper Catholic’s. Thats not to say that I do either, but I’m endeavouring to get closer to my faith. Knowing that most of my family and friends aren’t living a Catholic life, and hardly know or do anything in relation to their religion, this ultimately means they are not following Christs word and potentially will not be granted life after death.

That being said, I’m sure most of you on this forum would see yourselves in a similar situation. It’s like you’re the only one who is trying to be a good Christian in your family. And the others just don’t understand you or don’t even know enough about religion to understand anything.

So now I come to my question. Those of you who are in a similar situation. How do you deal with this? Knowing that all your loved ones and friends may not go to heaven after this life on earth even though they may be good people? I know I’m being a bit direct because we do not judge who and who doesen’t go to heaven or hell. But just consider the hypothetical situation. Does this not concern you? Like, it’s not as if you’re going to go and try and make your entire family be good Christians.

Anyway…I’m just wondering if anyone here is experiencing the same thing as me, and what your jist is on everything.


You might not end up in heaven, I might not either… pray for your family, those alive and those who have fallen asleep in Christ. Try to lead by example and pray, do your best to live as a Christian and when you fall short repent. Remember than rarely if ever has anyone been lectured or debated into a deeper appreciation of the faith.

I like this story concerning the desert Father Abba Discorus:

"A brother questioned Abba Poemen in this way, ‘My thoughts trouble me, making me put my sins aside, and concern myself with my brother’s faults’. The old man told him the following story about Abba Dioscorus (the monk), 'In his cell he wept over himself, while his disciple was sitting in another cell. When the latter came to see the old man he asked him, “Father, why are you weeping?” “I am weeping over my sins,” the old man answered him. Then his disciple said, “You do not have any sins, Father.” The old man replied, “Truly, my child, if I were allowed to see my sins, three or four men would not be enough to weep for them.”


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