My Family Does Not Know What They Are Missing


…And they think I am nuts to boot.

The other day my bride and daughter made some yummy cherry jam.

Last evening, we cooked up burgers and dogs on the grill.

And that same back-stabbing and traitorous daughter practically gagged as I fixed myself a burger with a large dollop of cherry jam as its only condiment!

You don’t eat cranberry sauce with your turkey?
Mint jelly with your lamb?
Applesauce with your porkchops?

It was the yummiest! :stuck_out_tongue:



I think it sounds pretty good, myself.

Sweet-tart cherries on beef.

Great. Now I want one of those burgers.


:slight_smile: Sounds good to me. But I;m the one who was treating everyone to grape jelly omelets! My college friends instantly ran to McDonalds!


Sounds good to me. To each their own though.


I hate when people get mad and disgusted with me when I eat things that they don’t like. People think I eat tuna or mushrooms or put vinegar on my french fries with the express purpose of grossing them out.

That said, I’m annoyed by people who ketchup their food. It’s like they hate the taste of their food so much that they have to cover it up to make it palatable or go without.


I eat strawberry jam on mcdonalds sausage biscuits regularly.

Started out because the biscuit was burned, and then I discovered I liked it!


You would be annoyed by my son all the time because he eats A LOT of ketchup. I don’t think it is because he wants to cover up the taste of his food to make it more palatable, but more because he just LOVES the taste of ketchup. He has grossed me out on more than one occasion with his liberal usage of it, but I have learned to try to ignore his choices. He has dipped orange wedges in ketchup and even chocolate chip cookies in it. He also uses it on bread and rolls in place of butter. I’ve learned to just look away from his plate…

To the OP, your burger and cherry jam duo sound good to me. I love to eat summer sausage on bread with grape jelly. The sweet and savory combo makes a very yummy taste treat indeed.:thumbsup:


Steak and barbecue sauce are meant to compliment the flavor of the foods they are made for. Ketchup is just meant to cover up bad food since the flavor is so overpowering.


Now what could be bad about the taste of orange wedges (the actual fruit, not the candy) and chocolate chip cookies? My son just prefers the taste of ketchup over the taste of most other foods/condiments. Maybe he’ll grow out of it. He’s only 10, so there is still hope that he develops more discriminating tastes.:stuck_out_tongue:


I absolutely LOVE my hotdogs with onions, sauerkraut and honey! And I eat honey on my crispy fried chicken with seasoned salt too. Many oriental dishes mix sweet with sour and many roasted meats are fantastic glazed in some kind of sweet fruit–like apricot jam and garlic on roast cornish hens–delectable! I glaze my ham with a plum or cherry based glaze and put pineapple rings on the outside of it too. Incidentally red plum jelly mixed with yellow mustard and horseradish/wasabe is great for dipping chicken bites or egg rolls!

PS–I just wanted to mention along the same lines–some of the best salsa I ever had was made with the normal tomatoes and peppers and had strawberries in it! UUUM YUM!

PPS—my aunt used to put tomatoes/ketchup on peanut butter sandwiches. blech.


Okay, most of this sounds really good (except for the pb sandwich with tomato combo), so I think I need to think about getting dinner going…or at least go get a snack. :slight_smile: (It’s 4:43 p.m. here.)


*Om-nom-nom! *:stuck_out_tongue:



I put honey on fried chicken too and the only way I will eat ham is if it has some sort of a sweet glaze. Yum, pineapple.

My boyfriend really grossed me out earlier though. I swung by his apartment and brought him bagels after Mass and he was eating caramel rice cakes with CheezWhiz on them. Way to ruin perfectly good rice cakes.


I take one envelope of onion soup mix and mix it with 2 cups of applesauce and pour it in a pan over browned pork chops–cover and simmer until done. YUM! And orange marmalade can be used for almost any kind of meat!
you guys are making me HUNGRY!


I like ketchup and rice pilaf combo… :slight_smile:


Peach salsa is also very good. The peaches add a hint of sweetness that is really nice and subtlely changes the flavor of the salsa, maybe removes some of the acidity of the tomatoes. Very good.


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