My family needs your prayers. Dad's health leading him to despair


Sorry its long I feel I have to pour out my heart to someone.

I was staying with my dad (Fri 2/2) (He was just released from the hospital for the 4th time since 12/30) and I woke him up at 6am to take his meds and eat breakfast (he has a g tube) He went back to bed so I left just to take my son to school. I left my youngest child with him because she was still sleeping.
When I got back she opened the door crying and said “Grandpa fell” I ran over to him he was on the floor. There was a note that said I can’t take it any more I took all heart meds(Diovan) and sedatives (tamazepam and alprazolam) in the house please please don’t call ems until you know I’m dead.
Well I called them anyway they came and took him to the hospital. Then we (I called my brother) noticed the car was running in the garage with the door shut and that the batteries form the carbon monoxide detectors were removed. The car had to have been running for least 2 hours.
We didn’t tell them in the ER. He showed no signs except being VERY sleepy. Heart rate was 80 blood pressures 140/75
So, now he’s in a nursing home and I think I should tell them but I’m scared. Also I’m scared about what he’ll say. I do know he will NEVER be alone again even if it means he has to say there forever!
I went to see him today. (2/4) He was crying and asked me why did I call the EMS? I told him I had to. It’s not up to him, its Gods decision when he dies.
He is suffering but with weakness. The Dietritionist said he’s not getting enough nutrition so they’re going to give him more and he is going to have psychical and oc therapy 5 times a week. So I told him he will get stronger and he will feel better soon. He said no he’s been going through this for 3 years now, but I said but they know what to do here!
So please pray for my dad that the Holy Spirit will fill him with Hope and strength.
Thank you and God bless,


I went to see him last night (2/5) and his spirits were up a little.
I think it’s the power of the Holy Rosary!:slight_smile:


Terri I will pray for you dad and for your family.:gopray:


My family will add you and your father to their prayers.


I will pray for your father Terri.

Bless you - you are a good daughter.


Terri my prayers are with you and your famiy


My prayers for you and your family :gopray2:

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