My Family Portrait


I AM JUST 20 YEARS OLD AND I got and saw lot of love and effection by our elders to youngers and by youngers to elders…in short every one have lovely feelings for eachother…no one have chochonet heart…my family include my 2 borther and one sister …my parents and my great grand parents and uncle …aunt with son john…today is jazzy my sister b-day…and my sony 10 mega pixel camera capture this prceious and happy moment …when i was enjoying cake i though that pic is not secure and it will remain disappear in my cupboard…so why not take it on the best quality CANVAS…so i search and found this pictures
on canvas
…its ease my problem …/.but if you people have any other idea or any other link which offers well then please inform me…thanks.
and onw thing more…relating to this site…is it a sin to draw portraits???


I have seen some of the pictures that they put on Canvas.
My best advice to you is to insure that you have a very good quality of picture. When they enlarge it, it will show any flaws.
Most of the companies use cheap canvas. Check with them to insure is it acid free canvas, if it’s not it will degrade faster over time.

I really guess I don’t understand your question on if it is a sin to draw a portraits :confused: To the best of my knowledge it isn’t. Morally it is no different that taking a photo. I don’t want to sound krast, why would you think it is??


Good gravy, it’s not a sin!!! Think about all those portaits of popes and even some saints (when affordable and not a model).

Are you by chance related in some fashion to the Amish, who consider photography sinful?


Do the Amish consider photography sinful? I know my DH grandparents are German Baptist (modern Amish, well kind of) and grandma paints portaits all the time!


thanks a lot you people clear me…


The old order Amish consider photography to be a sin against pride at best, and making of graven images at worst.

Doesn’t Pictures on Canvas require photography first?


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