My father on disability, he wants to get a job


My father is on disability and would like to get a job. However, he would only be making about 200.00 more than what his disability pays him (those 200.00 would probably be used for medical expenses like co-pay for doctors visits and medications).

He has heart problems. He can’t be out in the sun much because he becomes exhausted and as far as the stress level, he can’t have much of that either.

He used to own a transportation business about 20 years ago and had it for about 10 years. Back then he began to feel the pre-symptoms of a heart attack, however, he never seeked medical help until years later when he got a major heart attack. He had open heart surgery and since then his health has not been all that great. When he had his business he would have sleepless nights and a tremendous amount of stress, plus he was a drinker. I think all of that deteriorated his health tremendously and even his personality.

He was wondering if he were to get a job if he would lose his disability income.

Does anyone know?



Is it social security disability? Or is it his own disability income policy? If it’s SSD I believe if he goes back to work full time he would lose it. If it’s his own DI policy it would depend on the actually policy, meaning the guide lines in the contract set by the insurer and agreed to by him.


It’s Social Security. So, if its a part-time, he would not lose them?


Your father needs to ask these questions of the Social Security Administration-- or perhaps they have information on their website.

No one here is qualified to give you an answer to your question.


Right. He will call to ask, however, I just wanted to know if anyone here had experience with this or knows of anyone who has.



Your dad should call and ask. My coworker’s BIL is schizophrenic and gets disability (I don’t know where, assume social security). He works part time; there is a cut off with how many hours he can work so he doesn’t lose his benefits. My coworker says it’s been good for him to work–he’s 27 and it wasn’t helping him to sit around the house; he likes where he works, it’s at a small zoo. They pay him up to the limit and then let him volunteer the rest of the month and he really enjoys it.

I hope your dad is able to find something that he likes!


Thanks for the info. I just needed to hear of examples. Just to give him a little preview and encourage him to ask and find out. :smiley:


He called and got excellent answers to all his questions. He is very excited!

Thank you for your responses!

Hope this thread helps others, too. :smiley:


I’ve been through this myself. If your father is receiving SSD, as opposed to SSI, he will be able to receive it and work simultaneously for a total of eight months.

The way it was told to me at the SSA is that SSA considers you to be able to work after 8 months of sustained full time work. Oh by the way, your father can work part-time and earn up to, but no more than $1100 per month; higher than that amount is considered Full qualifying work.

He could continue to receive his Disability pay and work part-time (earning less than $1100) without any changes, though.

If he works full time and it doesn’t work out for him, he should do as they told me, contact the SSA and they will start up his disability payments again. (Although, he may have to fill out paperwork again). They will have his case on file and it should be far quicker, possibly as soon as the first missed month of pay.

Otherwise, they do have a website where you can ask even more detailed questions.

God bless you and assist you with your endeavor. Congress needs to really raise social security pay, our disabled and senior citizens who rely solely on Social Security are living BELOW the poverty line.

It is such a shame for the richest nation on earth.


It depends on what he is receiving from whom. Typically, information regarding resumption of employment is provided at the time payments begin and it’s quite possible he could earn enough to result in cessation of his disability income. He should contact the agency paying the disability. He should also be aware some agencies periodically require updates from the recipient and/or physician regarding the recipient’s eligibility to continue to receive disability payments.

Perhaps the real question is why he wants to work - is it because he needs the money or because he no longer feels he is contributing to his family or society; that he is bored sitting home while everyone else works; that he is left out or shunned by the world? As many who retire find, people they used to work with, who said they would call and keep in touch, haven’t. Disability can lead to diminished self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness.

If these factors are driving his desire to work, he may want to consider volunteering. There are many organizations in need of volunteers with administrative or management experience. I’m involved in the volunteer fire service and don’t know what we would do without these volunteers - particularly those experienced in fleet vehicle purchase and management; budgets; and supply management.

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