My favorite cartoon memory from childhood

I have searched for this cartoon for years and finally found it. It always made me laugh so hard when I was a child and still makes me chuckle. Here´s a link to it below and don´t blame me if you should become obsessed with gravy as a result of watching it. LOL

Oh, and this Tom and Jerry clip also is at the top of my favorite childhood cartoon memories…

God bless

well Rocky and Bullwinkle would have to be prominently featured in my memory.

my favorite all time cartoon is the little bird, being tracked by a hunter, who is himself being tracked by a lion, as the march through the jungle to musical accompaniment.

no. 2 is marvin the martian and bugs.

I had forgotten all about Rocky and Bullwinkle… The episodes that mainly stick in my mind from R & B are the clips of Boris and Natasha they would give. Hmmm… I hope that´s right as my memory has never been a great one.

I have never heard of the little bird one…am going to see if I can find it on Youtube. Thanks.

God bless

I like the Warner Bros. cartoon with Mark Anthony, that huge bulldog, and the little black and white kitten.

I love the way the kitten uses his sharp claws to “knead” the dog’s wrinkly back before settling down for a nap. The dogs sweats and winces, but he puts up with it because he loves his kitten so much.

And the best part–Mark Anthony thinks that the kitten fell into a bowl of cookie dough and gets ground up in the mixer. When his mistress gives him a cookie shaped like a kitten, Mark Anthony’s big lower lip trembles and the tears run down his face, and he sets the cookie on his back and starts sobbing.

Then the kitten appears, all healthy and just fine, and Mark Anthony is so thrilled to have his kitten back again!

It’s such a wonderful cartoon that I loved when I was little and still love now that I’m am older.

I also love the cartoon with Michigan J. Frog singing, “Hello My Baby!” Apparently Mel Brooks loved this cartoon, too, because he resurrects it in Spaceballs, only it’s an alien instead of a frog.

As a parent I appreciate that cartoon so much.

“Honey, guess what the baby did? Oh he was so cute, and he did it all day today…sweetie show Daddy that cute thing you did all day.”

Baby, “Ribbitt”

I’ll admit I got interested in eating chicken with gravy because of that cartoon. :blush:

As for my cartoon childhood memories, how can I ever forget Voltron? :smiley:

“Form feet and legs! Form arms and body! And I’ll form the head!”

Oh man, Transformers from the 80s AND the movie with Leonard Nimoy and Orson Wells. Much better than the trash Michael Bay put on screen these last couple of years. I remember the killer 80s soundtrack that went along with the movie. :smiley:

Oh yeah, Robotech, Voltron, Transformers, Thundercats, GI Joe, Tranzor Z, Speed Racer and pretty much anything on Saturday morning from about 8am until 11am then piano lessons would start :frowning: and cartoon time would be over. the Smurfs, Loony Tunes hour, Gummy Bears. The late 70’s through the 80’s had to be the Golden Age of cartoons.

Thundercats… HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Cartoon Network has a new revamped version of the Thundercats. I haven´t watched it yet… but it looks good from the promo´s.

I use to watch Voltron… as well as He-MAN…

God bless

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