My favorite horror movies

  1. The original 1970’s version of The Stepford Wives. No death, no gore, nothing, but scared the pit out of me when I saw it, and I love how intense it is.

  2. An edited version of “Rosemary’s Baby.” Scary, a little unrealistic, but very scary, as long as you leave out the rape scene (and you don’t need it, either, because I’ve seen the edited version on YouTube without that scene there and it was just fine, made perfect sense, and was a good thriller in its own way. And Mia Farrow singing that lullabye was intense.

  3. Dracula, starring Bela Lugossi. And I’m betting I spelled his name wrong. I love that movie.

  4. Flatliners. I can’t watch that movie without getting the shakes.


The Exorcist # 1
Salem’s Lot # 2
Jaws# 3

I still believe the horror movies of the 1970’s were the best of all time. In the 80’s, as a late-teen, I gravitated toward the Halloween’s, Friday 13th, Nighmare’s on Elm. But as I look back it was not for the “horror” effect but more for the skin and gore.

I no longer watch horror movies, unless the movie avoids the attraction of skin and gore (i.e Blair Witch, Sixth Sense).


Children of the Corn (the first one) was the only movie that had to be stopped, rewound, returned, and re-rented at a later date.

Otherwise, let’s say Pet Sematary (although the book was better than the movie), and Saw.

the shining
texas chainsaw massacre
a nightmare on elm street
friday the 13th

hmm…that’s all i can think of at the moment…

Blair Witch…even though I know the ending now, it is very hard to go to sleep easily after seeing that.


That movie seriously gave me insomnia. Just thinking about that well…that videotape…the drab colors, and the girl with her hair draping over her face…


I have always wanted to see the Exorcist; however decided not to because I know I will have those images stuck in my head for the next few years.

My favorite horror movie is “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”. (No blasphemous imagery here.)

That’s ANOTHER one, very scary. A little silly looking if you watch it now, because of the better special effects of today–it looks kind of sloppy in that regard…but, the sounds…the creepiness…the frightening reality of Satan taking over the house, and the girl…is definitely chilling.

Still scares me enough to have insomnia for about 1 week after seeing it.:eek:

Blair Witch is scary too…when I saw it, people were still believing it was a true story, and actual footage. But then I saw one of the actors on Law and Order…and felt relieved.:blush:

:stuck_out_tongue: LOL! Really? I too thought it was real at the time. Did you see the sequel…oh my gosh, it was horrible. It had nothing to do with the first movie’s plot…

Phantasm 2
Evil Dead
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Jeepers Creepers
Amityville Horror

There’s really not that many good horror movie, it takes a lot of skill to pull off a scary movie I think…

The best in my opinion are The Shining and Halloween, but they’re still not very scary.

I think Silent Hill had a lot of potential, but the messed it up. The Silent Hill video games are possibly the scariest compared to movies and games, unfortunately they remade the story in the movie and it ruined it. It looks great though, has some freaky moments.

I didn’t even have to think about it–Todd Browning’s Freaks (1932).

Google it. Watch the clips. Buy it.

It’s incredibly disturbing. It recalls to mind the school shooters, the kids who claim that they get so disheartened by constant bullying that they finally crack up and go on a violent rampage.

But in Freaks, the people who face the wrath of the freaks at the end of the move DESERVE some wrath.

It’s based on the short story called “Spurs” by Todd Robbins. One wonders WHERE the author of Spurs got his idea. Good heavens, is there any basis in fact for this story?! How frightening.

It was banned for 30 years. It ended Todd Browning’s career in Hollywood. (He was the director of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, so we’re talking about a pretty major director ending up out of work!)

The acting is very very good. Harry Doll (the hero?) is amazing, and so is Olga Baclanova (the trapeze artist), Wallace Ford (the clown), and Leila Hyams (Venus the seal trainer).

If you order the movie, make SURE to get the COMPLETE version, with all the stuff that was left out of the movie to make it “acceptable.” Also, there were several endings, so get a version that shows the different endings so you can choose your favorite.

Is it for kids? Ummmmmmmm…I would say not for little ones, but definitely for older children and teenagers. The “real” freaks in the movie are fascinating, especially the Human Torso, Prince Randian.

The ones I think can of include:
The Hills Have Eyes (remake)
The Birds
The Host
Shaun of the Dead
House of Wax (remake)
Saw II and Saw IV
The Fly

For me, “The Exorcist”


I recall taking my future wife on a date to a nearby drive in theatre…perfect for a horror flick…all alone in a car…no way to warn others…a large sky…and the invasion of the body snatchers came on…it was deadly for people whom you once knew were changed…only a small button under one ear was a clue…they were controlled by an alien force…brrrr…before I left the parking lot and returned the speaker to its stand I checked the luggage (trunki) my car…making sure no pods were in there. we still laugh about it from time to time…what was that…get a life?

I haven’t seen the older versions of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but the newer remake with nocle Kidman was pretty good.

Absolutely LOVE Shaun of the Dead. Excellent film–even if it has a lot of “red” on it :wink: :thumbsup:

Dawn of the Dead (remake)
21 Days Later
Lord of the Rings (not horror flicks, per se, but those Ringwraiths and that giant Shelob spider–I HATE spiders–are creepy)

Session 9
The Shining
Ringu (J-horror original)
The Machinist
Jacob’s Ladder
1984 (maybe not horror but scares the :bigyikes: out of me)
Soylant Green (ditto)

Alien (first one was probably the scariest movie ive ever seen)
Amityville Horror
Event Horizon (as a friend said, "i refuse to own it on account its evil will infest the rest of my DVDs)
Stephen King’s It (can keep me awake for weeks, demonic clowns are scary :wink: )

My little sister saw that movie. Let’s just say… she’s scared of Amish Country now.

I never really had a favorite - maybe the Halloween series one. I think the ones from the 70s and 80s were much better than now.

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