My first apologetics (justification) article!


I finished my apologetics article on the doctrine of Justification.

What do you think?

Im not a good writer (especially in the grammar category) but Im just glad I got this far.


I like it so far. I did not read the whole thing as it’s long enough for me to want to print it out to read rather than read it on a screen. Still, I like your format and what I read is charitable and makes it more likely to convert people and bring em back home! So, “Good Work!”


Yes, good work, or shall I say, “good works…” :wink: :smiley:

Prayers and petitions,


I like how this one is worded…

In the Catholic model above I described original sin as the lack of gasoline in a car, in the Protestant model it is as if the car was totaled in a severe car wreck. In the Catholic model God is displeased with the car not operating at potential, in the Protestant model God is displeased because the car is literally a corrupt mass of metal with only slight evidence it is still a car.

Very good observation. :thumbsup:


The length of it is one thing that worries me and I think many will be turned off by the size of it, it’s about 35 pages.


Perhaps the casual observer will only read some of it, but if one wants the proper understanding of all the issues at hand, then they will read it all. You delve into issues that most just skim over. That is important…


Hmmm perhaps if you could jump to different talking points with a title page or something then people could go specifically to what you had to say on a certain topic?:thumbsup:


I tried to break it down to the essentials so that the proper understanding was stated in as little space as possible. I agree with you, if someone wants to take a casual look at this issue then they will not get the proper understanding.

I might do that at a later date. I tried to separate the chapters with enough white spacing that they were easily identifiable.


Wow! :thumbsup: I was looking for a good Catholic resource on atonement. Very nice job! :slight_smile:

God Bless,


I thought it was well done and I benefited greatly from your article, Catholic Dude. It took things to a different level for me because I feel I’m ready to move beyond reading apologetic tracts (not that there’s anything wrong with them) about faith vs. works, Mary, purgatory, the pope, and other such common topics that i now feel comfortable discussing.

I often read that we (protestants and catholics) talk past each other and your article really gets to the source (starting with original sin). I also like that you focussed on more mainline traditional protestants.

What can be shocking for a Catholic like me to read is the apparent protestant belief of the requirement by God to inflict his wrath on someone; the reason “Jesus died for me” is because someone had to bear the burden of God’s wrath; or, someone has to be punished, but instead of punishing us, God punished Jesus in our place.

Are you exaggerating the protestant claim regarding substitional punishment? Beats me. I’d like to hear a critique from a protestant.


I am not exaggerating the classical Protestant (eg Lutherans, Calvinists) claim of substitutionary punishment. They really believe Jesus suffered the punishment which we deserved from God.

Protestants who are not following in the footsteps of the original “reformers” (eg Luther, Calvin) are starting to speak out against this substituationary punishment idea and some have called this blasphmous view “divine child abuse”. Google the term Divine Child Abuse and you will see what I mean.

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