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This is silly but I thought I should share. I had my first confession today and it wasn’t as scary as I thought but as soon as I confessed my sins and the priest started blessing me, I felt myself burning on the inside. I hope my sins were purified, and that this wasn’t a foreshadowing of where I am going…what do you guys feel when you are confessing?


Normally nothing. Happiness afterward, sometimes. During my first Confession, I felt nothing, but when it was over and I’d received the blessing, I was overwhelmed with emotion very suddenly and began crying and crying.

I’m quite sure the experience of fire is not a sign of what awaits after death. I don’t think the Devil has the power to do that right after Confession. But even if he does, he’s a liar. And the Lord would never make such a threat against you. He wills only good for you and the Devil has no power to predestine your future. The Lord is a God of love. So you don’t have to worry about it at all.

My bet is that this experience was a representation of the purification of your sins.


Maybe metapohorically, your sins were “burned” from you. Maybe it was just not a feeling you have ever felt before ( I dont know your age or what you confessed) but depending how much you confessed, you may have just gotten a lot off of your chest!


I felt really hot inside suddenly. But who knows—maybe it was purification of sin. I am twenty three.


It could have been Jesus letting you know he was there and cleansed you of all sins.

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