My first Easter Vigil


I attended an Easter Vigil for the first time last night. All I can say is “wow!”, with reverence. All 3 hours were filled with so much meaning and purpose and joy. Coming from a Jehovah’s Witness background, I am continually impressed with how close and real Jesus is in the liturgy, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. I hope every Catholic deeply appreciates what they have, it is WONDERFUL, and I hope to join you (on my way ever so gradually through troubles).


Congratulations! The Easter Vigil is the summit of the liturgical year. It truly is beautiful.

Christus resurrexit!


Thank you for sharing that. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you richly on your spiritual journey!


Great! The Mysteries of the Holy Catholic Faith are indeed something to treasure.


Yes it is beautiful! I was confirmed into the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil 2005 and I have only missed one (illness) since then.


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