My First First Friday


Until today, I have been unable to attend mass on the 1st Friday of any month. As a swing shift worker, 3:00 - 11:30 PM, I usually cannot attend evening mass, and find the 8:00 AM masses just too early for me to get up for at my age (63).

But today, I was indeed able to attend the Friday evening mass. What made this possible is that I am taking sick leave for 31 July/1 August from the Post Office, due to stress and the resulting high blood pressure. The “Supervisor From Hell” and all that.:mad:

So I went to confession at 6:30 PM and mass at 7:00 PM. Followed by a fish dinner, my first and only meal of the day. (Fast and abstenance on all Fridays, of course.)

One down, eight to go?:shrug:

A minor sidelight was my first use of donation envelopes. It took my Parish about 15 months after my confirmation to get me on that mailing list. Each weeek has two envelopes, one for the Parish itself, and another for various catholic charities.

They also included a SUGGESTED guide for giving, about 10% of your take home pay. 5% weekly for the parish, and 5% weekly to the poor and other charities.

Indeed, that is about what I have been doing. $500 per week take home pay translates to $25 per week to the parish, and at least $25 per week to Alcoholics Anonymous. I have the good fortune to be unmarried, have a superb health insurance plan from the Post Office, and not too many vet bills lately.

But given the soaring costs of gasoline and food prices, I have my doubts if many families will be able to donate anything near 10% of their take home pay. Most families I know are hurting to make ends meet. Our local AA groups have also experienced a decline in contributions. :frowning:

BTW, as noted, I took Thursday and Friday off as sick leave, Saturday and Sunday are my usual days off. I should be able to return to work next Monday quite refreshed.:slight_smile:

At confession today, my Priest suggested that I pray to my Postal Supervisor’s Guardian Angel, asking that God’s comfort and peace come to him. So that is what I will be doing a lot of this weekend.

As usual, none of this has impressed my three cats one little bit. Which is as it should be.:rolleyes:


Bless You!


Great idea! Guardian angels are a much-underused resource. And if we can pray to our own guardian angels, we may as well pray to the angels of the people around us.

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