My first TLM

Hey guys, I just wanted to post to ask questions about going to my first TLM. They have had here in my diocese for a while and I am getting ready to be Confirmed next Sunday (Oct 7):smiley: Praise be to God!!! I love my Parish and all the people there but I would like to go to a TLM …anyway, I was wondering how to do things when I go… I would like to find someone to go with me, but I dont think that many people in my Parish have been. I was just wondering what to expect, because I don’t want to go in and seem irreverent with something I do because that’s the whole reason I’m wanting to go…I know about recieving the Eucharist on the tongue and and aren’t you supposed to be on your knees?? Will they have Missals with the translation for Latin?? Dress code?? I have 3 small kids (8,5, and 3)can they come??thanks for any answers guys, I truly appreciate it!!

I’m not sure what part of KY you are from, but if you are going to St. Martin’s in Louisville, let me know. I’ll sit with you and help you follow along in the missal.

For attire and etiquette, plan on dressing up and kneeling a lot. At the TLM I attend, even young children past the age of infants are in their Sunday Best. This web page has some guidelines.

Besides the dressing up, you’ll find less interaction with people sitting next to you: no sign of peace, no holding hands, no “Hey! How you doing? Good to see you again!” as people take their seats.

Since this is your first TLM, I’d plan on sitting in the back and following along. I’d avoid bringing a big missal. All the flipping back and forth will probably confuse and frustrate you. The ordinary is here.

On the main website you can scroll down and click on the date of the mass to get the Propers.

You can print those out and take them with you or the church may have a Booklet Missal that will have the Ordinary.

Don’t worry about not knowing what to do! At the Mass I go to there are usually small children who know all the Latin Prayers by heart, and sometimes that’s a little tough when I’m struggling with pronunciation, but hey, good for them! The future looks great for the Church!

Thanks for the invite!!! The bad thing is that I live in Lexington:( I’m just worried that I will look dumb because I dont know ANY Latin…I know you dont have to, but I would like to know a little bit of whats going on…

There might be some hand-Missals at the back of the church for you to use or the little red books that contain the Ordinary of the Mass along with prayers for before and after Holy Communion.

You won’t stand out if you don’t know Latin. I can understand you would want to be able to follow along, but that will be difficult at first. Once you get a missal and start attending regularly, you will eventually be able to follow right along with the Priest.

I remember when I first started attending. At the time I was a Protestant on my way into the Church. I didn’t really try to follow along with all of the parts of the Mass. I just kind of did what everyone else did and waited for the sermon (the priest used to give the best sermons).

I really began to learn the Mass when I started attending the low mass during the week. The Sunday Mass was a high Mass with lots of good music. The weekday low mass was very quiet. It was the low Mass where I really learned how to follow along.

Anyway, give it a try, and don’t worry about standing out. The Church in Lexington is FSSP, which often has a lot of Novus Ordo Catholics just coming over to Tradition. With all of the recent interest in the Latin Mass, there will probably be other people there for the first time as well.

Prepare to be blown away, and confused. The two Masses are so similar, but so different until you get the hang of it.

I remember my first time. I was totally engrossed in the music, the chanting, the respect and reverence…heavenly atmosphere. I mean it: the High Latin Mass is my idea of heaven.

Have you checked out the Youtube videos of the Latin Mass? This is my favorite one:

This link will send you to video number 1 of 8. Its well worth watching. Follow along using the link to the ordinary part of the missal that BenFischer gave you.

You don’t have to worry about not knowing Latin or how to pronounce the Latin words. Unless the Mass is a dialogue Mass, you will not have to say anything. Most TLM’s are not dialogue Masses. In a Low Mass, the servers answer the prayers of the priest on behalf of the congregation. In a High Mass, the choir sings the responses to the priest’s prayers. You can just follow along with the English on the printout. The priest will read the epistle and gospel in English from the pulpit before he gives his sermon. One other thing: when you go to the Communion rail to receive and kneel down, you do not say “Amen” when the priest gives you Holy Communion. You just receive on the tongue without saying anything.

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