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I’m sorry this post is long. Evangelization is sharing the Good News with Catholics and people outside the church. Good News means gospel in hebrew. (in hebrew basar)

I have a friend who is a former baptist. They’re a man I have known for many years. He is not an anti Catholic.

I’m very knowledgeable of the bible but want some advice on what to say. It is my plan to describe the Sacraments of Reconciliation and then the Eucharist from a biblical point of view. Next we will move on to the other Sacraments. Me and him have never discussed religion or anything in the bible before. My bible is the RNAB School and Church by Fireside Catholic Publishing. I have bought him the same bible. Just in case he wants to read the same verses I’m explaining to him.

I do not want this to be debate but a conversation to encourage him to be Catholic. Never would I force him to do anything. I consider myself as teaching him to live holy. I’m aware that everyone has to want to be converted by God in other to be a good Catholic.

Which bible verses should I quote to encourage him to be Catholic?


This is excellent on the Eucharist:


And, this is excellent information on the Sacrament of Reconciliation:


I think first, rather than showing him bible verses, you need to establish that the Church has authority. Which, may not be easy to do.


Your right the Church had to have authority from God in other to decide which books should be included in the bible. Most p


Protestants discredit the Catholic Church from having the council of Nicaea. It was a very important council, because the bishops in union with the pope decided which books to include in the bible.


Would your friend be willing to listen to some YouTube presentations? Some that really made a huge impact in my decision and my husband’s decision to seriously consider the Catholic Church are as follows:

Dr. Scott Hahn’s “The Fourth Cup”

Dr. Scott Hahn’s “The Lamb’s Supper”

Dr. Brant Pitre’s “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist”

Steve Ray’s “Difference in Protestants and Catholics”

Steve Ray on The Journey Home

Tim Staples on The Journey Home

I would approach this very gently and methodically as to not cause your friend to dig his heels too quickly. Any one of these videos would be a great starting point for discussing with possibly having him listen, write down questions, and then the two of you could discuss. As someone previously pointed out, the issue of authority is likely the best starting place.


I’m waiting for some more answers. I am open to new ideas. Discussing things is my favorite thing about this website.


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