My friend and end time beliefs

ok, so I have this dear friend from church, rather elderly, who really enjoys reading the book of revelations and all the apocalyptic trimmings that go along with that. she is convinced that Jesus will be returning soon

well, I realize that this in itself isn’t really a problem but she has looked to a lot of protestant tv programs for information because she thinks the church does not teach much on the subject

I’m not that familiar with some of the things but are there any big things that caholics should avoid?

I know the whole thousand year golden age on earth belief is a no-no as well as the pre-bribulation or mid-tribulation removal of believers.

anything else? what about this whole world order wwith one government part? can catholics subscribe to such a thought?

I also know that the book of revelations is not as apocalyptic as some believe, because a lot of it also had to do with the destruction of the jewish temple

maybe there is a catholic source I can recommend to her? like a book or tv show or something?

She’d probably like anything on Fatima or the other Marian apparitions. They go into end-time events alot.

Get the Ignatius Study book of Revelation by Scott Hahn and other scholars. It’s cheap on Amazon. It will take her line by line. Revelation is not a timeline. You cannot read it and “find” important dates in history. It’s a thin paperback publication the size of notebook paper, was to read.

One that I read years ago and found very good is, “The Book Of Destiny”, by Rev Herman Bernard Kramer. He was ordained a priest in 1914 and spent 30 years studying Revelation. It can be found at Amazon very cheap.

Truthfully, if she is elderly, she might be placing all of her hopes on Jesus and his second coming. I would not try to convince her of other viewpoints or argue theology with her.

It is evident that she loves God. In prayer, I would just commit her to God, pray for her, and show her all the love you can.

In the end, all that matters is our love for God. In this instance, I think that right or wrong pales when it comes to spending eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ.

The RCC does NOT have doctrine on knowing the end times or the new world order

Predicting end times in the Protestant Church started with Martin Luther and has been happening ever since. They keep getting it wrong but that doesn’t stop them.

Jesus said no one would know the time.

Do her a big favor and give her a copy of the following 2 Catholic sources.
What Jesus Really Said About the End of the World

Beginning Apologetics 8: What Catholics Believe about the Second Coming, the Rapture, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, and Indulgences

I have both and she will very quickly come to see that the church does indeed teach about the 2nd coming.

You are right, NO ONE knows the exact day and hour when this will happen, but Jesus did also give us many specific warnings and signs to watch for, so we would know when he is ‘at the door’. Of course some people are frightened at this, (myself included), by the bibles descriptions, that day is going to be very crazy, since we are all so used to living in the world we know…naturally any major change to this is going to terrify people.

Im not claiming to know anything, but if you look at all of Gods actions in the bible, they were all preceded by or on a specific holiday or celebration, 7 also plays a big part, whether it be year between events, actions etc.

I think when Jesus said this would happen at at time no one expects, like a thief in the night, is probably most important, look at all the end times threads on here now, many people dont think this will happen anytime soon, so if it happened tomorrow, we would all agree it was unexpected.

I understand your point.

However, people have been trying and failing to predict it for centuries.
I think everyone should quit trying. It’s crazy

I look how he outlined it in the Lamb’s Supper, I don’t remember the exact quote, but he said the Book of Revelation is going on now, and was in the past, and will be in the future.

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