My friend, do you get bored at Mass

My dear friend in Christ,

Do you at times get bored at Mass?

Why do YOU suppose this is?


Why Don’t you get bored at Mass?

God Bless you


I don’t get bored at Mass. I won’t deny that there are times my mind wanders, but I have the attention span of a squirrel in general, so I just try to re-focus when my mind wanders. But I think the Mass is beautiful, and always enjoy it.

I never get bored because I’m participating in the greatest prayer of the Catholic Church & am able to receive the Body, Blood, Soul & Divinity of Our Lord in the Eucharist.


Mass is anything but boring.


No, because I don’t come to be entertained. I come to Mass to ask for my sins to be forgiven, to hear the scripture proclaimed, to profess my faith, to worship and give glory and praise to God in union with fellow Christians and to receive Christ in the Eucharist–and all that happens at every Mass–I’m not sure how I could be bored.

The peace of Christ,

I come for the meal. And I am never bored with receiving God into my life.

I’ll be honest at times I do get bored in listening to a Priest give repetitive sermon explaining the meaning of the Gospel.
We used to have a Priest who would open his sermon with a funny joke and then his sermon would begin with a story that you didn’t know where it was going. His story was always be based in recent times and the story would end with you knowing he just gave a sermon as an example of someone who followed the meaning of today’s Gospel. I always wanted to attend his Masses.

Yes. After you’ve done something 3,000 plus times it can occasionally be boring. I try to focus on all the little things that are good in life and be thankful for them and the time to be in God’s House.

I go to DAILY mass, I remind myself that
THIS is the highest form of Christian duty
to celebrate the sacrifice of the Cross AND
the highest point of my day!!


Me, too - short attention span & easily distracted. But that’s not the same as being bored. Our priest talks very fast so Mass is usually about 45 minutes. Who can get bored in that short amount of time? Tho there have been a few homilies that bored me silly. We had one priest (thankfully retired now) whose homilies actually put me to sleep - really embarrassing. :o

no, but sometimes i phase out when concentrated too much on a section.

God bless

Yes, I’m sorry to say I do. At times my mind wanders, and I lose focus on the Liturgy. I’m not proud of that; I’m just being honest.

It used to bore me when I didn’t know what the different parts of the mass were about, the significance of all the motions and sayings etc…

Also, for me, the priest can make or brake(bore) the Mass. I look forward to listening to a priest who can light a fire. And I’m not talking about a priest thumping the podium and yelling alleluia!

Never, and I attend daily. I fell in love with the Mass as a non-Catholic more than twelve years ago, and it is still one of the most beautiful dramas I’ve ever witnessed. I listen to all of the words and hold onto them, considering them and what God is saying to me through those words. There are many times I’ve been able to quiet the noise in my life by listening intently to “Lord Jesus Christ, who said to your Apostles: Peave I leave you, my peace I give you…”

No, never bored, But it became, before I stopped the battle and was advised to stop attending,such a physical and mental struggle of endurance due to increasing illness and disability that it was just that, . So now I can use the internet mass… . It set up an aversion as I went on struggling far too long and I am waiting for that to heal now. And remembering the before times. The words are written in my heart.

So never bored… the words have a blessed familiarity.

To be honest, I do get distracted very easily after the gospel-the priests here have voices that are extremely monotonous and sadly I find myself listening to like a minute of it and then I start to daydream. It’s really a problem because I feel excited for mass and then when it starts, I keep yawning :confused:

It’s something I’m working on :shrug:


Only at English Masses

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