My friend has a serious problem


Here’s the long and the short of it. You know how sometimes you want to show people how much you love them but all they do is tear you apart? Well that’s the case with my friend. Her boyfriend stood her up again. She went to work yesterday yesterday cause he wanted her to visit… So she did. She ended up taking him food and he wanted her to come back after his shift was over at 12:30. about 2am he comes out telling her he was running a little later then he thought. She made plans to see him today and made plans he promises to show up and didn’t show up. I guess that is what he gets for doing drugs. He just got off them like a little over a month ago… His brain is fried. What do I say to my friend here? Any suggestions?


“I think it’s wonderful that you always try to help others.”

“You’re both in my prayers.”

“Why don’t we do something this week–just us girls.”

“I’m here if you need me.”


I would say just help her with self-esteem, make sure she is happy with herself… if that is the case is things aren’t working out she will just leave!


Here’s another thing though, her boyfriend also has a child he had w/ another women who apparently was a drugy. My friend told me she wants a guy who has a kid. She said it’s a sign he’s a family man. Now that I don’t know.


Do not get involved. I am not meaning this in a bad way but be her friend listen to her and be supportive but that is it. She is aware that he has issues and problems and that is not stopping her from ending the relationship. She is therefore walking into this with her eyes wide open. If you are going to say anything negative about this guy to her she is not going to listen or like it. And if you have to lecture her or say bad things about this man to her then that is going to ruin the friendship between you guys. But what you can say to her is that you are her friend and you are there if she needs you and that you are not happy with the relationship but you have decided to step back and not say anything because you do not want to cause problems between you guys.

Because this man has a child does not mean he is a family man. Any man can make a child that does not mean that they are family men it just means that they had unprotected sex and a child was conceived. There was no mention if he was previously married to the mother of his child, him and this women are no longer together and the child does not stay with him so how is that a sign that he is a family man. Does she have intentions of taking this relationship further. I am not putting anybody down but he has not been off the drugs very long so she needs to monitor the situation first before she gives herself to this man completely.

All you can do right now is pray for her and be the friend that you are.


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