My friend is joining a church and she has questions about the paperwork to be filled out

Hi all

She wanted me to ask this because she doesn’t have a computer.

The church sent her paperwork to fill out. She doesn’t understand why they ask certain questions. Maybe you can tell her why because I don’t know the answers. Some of the questions she of course understands, such as address, if she was baptized…ect.

She wants to know why they are asking these questions about her and her husband.

Why do they want to know if they owns or rents the home she lives in.
Why do they need to know how many years they lived there.
Why do they want to know the highest grade and degree they have
Why do they want to know the school they attened or is attending.
Why do they want to know their occupation is if he or she is not in school.

Thanks in advance. I have no clue what to tell her because I can’t understand why they need to know either. :shrug:

All of these things are to help the Diocese know the makeup of their community - “Huummm, we can see that 80% of our parishioners rent and are college students, we need to increase young adult ministry…”

It is about reading the demographics.

Oh ok, thanks!! I’ll tell her.

It helps them comprehend where they are doing well and where the holes are in the outreach.

If the entire congregation is high school dropouts, that might be a red flag. Similarly, if ONLY college grads who own their own homes are members that might ALSO be a red flag. You get the idea.

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