My friend says he receives Mary in the Eucharist?


The way he explains is that Jesus was 9 months in Mary’s womb so Jesus shares in her flesh and blood. So that when we receive the Eucharist we are receiving Jesus and Mary. He’s also told me that Mary’s blood, too, has redeemed us because of this same sharing of Jesus in Mary’s blood. Would the church teach anything like this?


That’s not catechism.


Yeah, he’s wrong, but I’m sure he’s pretty convicted he’s right.


Oh, absolutely convinced. And he thinks I’m wrong when I disagree.


Your friend is confused.


I think so too, but he’s 89 and totally in love with Mary. I don’t think I could ever convince him otherwise. But he might be sharing this with others in church…people who might believe him…he’s very vocal about Mary.

I didn’t think the church taught this, but I had to make sure.


Mary is part of the Body of Christ. She is the first member of the Church.


That is heresy.


No, we do not receive Mary’s body and blood in the Eucharist. Not Church teaching.

The Church has also not formally accepted any doctrine of Mary as “co-redemptrix” with Jesus, and even if it did, it would not put her participation as equal with Jesus, nor would it ever adopt any idea that Mary was physically present in the Eucharist.

So, your friend is wrong, and is doing Mary a disservice by going around saying this. Some Protestant may believe this is what Catholics are taught. Nope.


He’s probably not quite right in the noggin on this subject. He also wouldn’t be the first guy to go a little overboard about Mary.

May Mother Mary help and bless him and protect others from either being influenced by, or harshly judging, his errors.


That’s what I told him. Now I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m a heretic.


My only thought is could he be thinking about DNA and that scientists are now realizing that there are things mothers and their children share in genetics. Sometimes it is difficult for the elderly to express themselves correctly. Just a thought.


Okay, so he disagrees with you. So what? You know what the Church teaches. He’s not going to listen. If he believes he’s receiving Mary too, there’s no damage done. We all embrace our own heresies unknowingly. The reality is that he’s a bit unschooled in critical thought but he’s using what little knowledge and speculating. Getting to Heaven isn’t about passing an theology exam.


I guess technically, Jesus is clothed in Mary’s flesh and blood.


I know what you’re saying, and I’ve let it go several times. It just takes me by surprise when he says things like this and I guess my reactions have shown that surprise. When he brings these things up to me, though, I have to tell him that I disagree. There’s a couple of people he’s kind of mentoring–not in an official way, and I just wonder if he’s teaching that to them


We can presume Jesus shares some of Mary’s DNA, but it’s not the same thing as Mary being present in the Eucharist. If it was exactly the same, then we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a child and his mother for purpose of criminal prosecution using DNA tests. At the very least, they differ in that Jesus would have had the male chromosome and Mary the female.

Nevertheless, I agree that this man really doesn’t need to be convinced of his error. At age 89 it’s unlikely he’ll be propagating it to the entire parish youth group or anything. I’d just let it be and if any gentle correction was necessary for others’ benefit, do it after this guy leaves the room.


Being that he’s 89, I would just let him be. I don’t think there will be any convincing him otherwise.


I’m with him a lot though, and Mary is just about all he talks about. And he always asks me if I understand what he’s saying. And if I agree.

I think I might just tell him, that if that’s what he thinks, he should really ask our priest if it’s true. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t even do that though. He says he knows it’s true.


It is certainly difficult if there are things he is saying that are not in line with Church teaching.

Some people do talk frequently about Mary because she is interceding for them and working in their lives and they feel a great devotion to her. As she works in their lives they definitely feel it.

I agree with others, I wouldn’t argue at this point. We can pray she will be with him at the hour of his death, which could be one reason he is so devoted to her. At 89, I’m sure he is wanting his Mother near.


OK, but identical twins are two separate persons in spite of having identical DNA. Two persons develop from literally the same egg, but they are individuals with separate eternal destinies.

I’d remind him that he also knows that we are all prone to honest mistakes and that Mary would not want him to hold onto a mistaken notion about Her Son and His saving gift that is the source and summit of the Christian life. She is the mother of humility and she leads all truly to Christ. She would not tolerate a falsehood, no matter how sincerely it was meant. It would not please her for someone to believe themselves to be entirely hers and yet presume to resist correction. That is not her heart, not the way she is. No, she continues to say, “Do whatever He tells you.” To love Mary is to love the truth and to be willing to submit to God’s plan.

That is the reason I would say these things to him. He has a sincere thirst to belong to Mary’s way to Christ. He should not be left to go some other way as if he were already demented just because he’s 89 years old. Which of us would want to be deemed incorrigible, just because of our age rather than because of real evidence that our brains have left us?

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