My friend Todd Smith


I know that many Catholics don’t necessarily listen to a lot of Christian music-most in my church tend toward the Catholic stations that are mostly talk radio. However, my husband and I do listen mostly to Family Life Radio. Several years ago we got to meet the group “Selah”. We absolutely love them. We especially bonded with Todd Smith, the lead singer. He and his wife Angie are our age and have kids the same age as ours. Anyway, we meet up with Todd about once a year and just love him. They have three girls at home under the age of 5. Last month, they found out that the daughter they were expecting-#4- had conditions incompatible with life. Angie had a c-section yesterday and their daughter Audrey Caroline lived about 2 hours before going home to live with the angels. PLease take time to pray for their family over the coming days. They will have a private funeral service next week. More info can be found at:
Angie has an incredible blog there.

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