My friends call me God

It seems Steve Kreuscher has let his status as a denizen of Zion (Illinois, that is) go to his head. He’s asked a judge to legally change his name to the motto that backs our money: In God We Trust.
Believe it. First name, In God. Last name, We Trust. The reason, he explains in detailed story from Daily Herald, is that God has been good to him, and he wants the world to know. The also reveals a few other interesting name changes from recent memory:
Santa Claus: Robert Rion of Mundelein, 1997 Karin Robertson of Virginia, 2003
Megatron: Michael Burrows of Washington, 2007
Optimus Prime: Scott Nall of Ohio, 2001
Pro-Life: Marvin Richardson of Idaho, 2008
Low Tax: Byron Looper of Tennessee, 1998
Jesus Christ: Jose Espinal of New York, 2005

Seriously…Optimus Prime??? Did he get some money from the recent transformers movie??

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