My friend's father passed away, I need advice

My friend’s father passed away yesterday while she was in labor. I wanted to get her a little prayer card, but ended up scheduling a mass in his memory… I don’t know if it was appropriate for me to do that or if it is something for a family member to do…:confused:

That was a loving thing to do.

My best friend lost her dad in December, and my advice to you is go be with her as much as you can. Help make sure that she knows you are there, to go do little things or just to hold her hand. If you can go to the visitation and just be there beside her, getting tissues or a bottle of water. She needs support right now as well as prayers.

I think having masses said for someone is a beautiful thing to do. So are spiritual bouquets if you’re crafty or good with computers.

When my mom died, a lady I knew enrolled her in this program that would offer prayers for her for a whole year :eek: I was in RCIA at the time and this lady swiped lunch cards in the cafeteria. That was the extent of our relationship. She is such an awesome lady and we’ve become friends since then. What you did was very much appropriate and I’m sure it will be very much appreciated. Their family will welcome more prayers.

What a lovely idea. Thank you for sharing.

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