My Fur Ball Teaches Me a Lesson About Repentence


So - I have been struggling a lot lately in being faithful to God. Not receiving the Sacraments, being lax in morals, etc. The other day my cat decided to go camping somewhere for 36 hours, something he’s never done before. So coming home to an empty house pretty depressing, as those of you with pets might be able to relate you. So, I started to pray to Mary for his safe return, and I picked up my big New Jerusalem Bible for words of encouragement and happened to open to the verse from Jeremiah: ‘Because you have fallen shall you not get up again; because you have strayed, shall you not find your way home?’ (Jer 8:4). It really touched me deeply because it related not just to my cat, but more especially to myself. Then two hours later my little stray comes traipsing in the door, like nothing happened.


That’s awesome .

When I finally came back into Mass, 8 am one Sunday, it was after a Saturday of dog emergency. So the two GSDs belonging to my kids had been running around a paddock, very early September. A very early brown snake was out and about after winter. The dogs and the snake harassed each other. Dogs rushed to vet, brown snakes are deadly. At that time of year, a brown snake bite usually kills in 10 minutes.
I prayed to Mary the whole trip into town.

The dogs survived, the snake survived.
Thanks be to Mary’s intercession.


Thank you for sharing that awesome story. The word of God is indeed living, sharper than a 2 edged sword!


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