My future niece / nephew


I thought I’d share pictures of my future niece or nephew (my sis doesn’t want to know the gender until it’s here).

I’m very excited to be an Uncle in July, and my fiance is very excited to be an Aunt (getting married June, so she’ll be the full and legit aunt then)!

My future niece / nephew - See this image on Photobucket.



When is she due? :D I'm due July 26th. :)


My daughter is due in May - the ultrasound pictures now are amazing!! She has some 4d pictures and you can see what the little girlie looks like! Congratulations, Uncle and Aunt!


Not sure which day specifically day, I'll have to ask her again.


congratulations! I hope you get to spend a lot of time with the new baby! Uncles and aunts are a blessing to a child.


Yeah, I’m hoping we make at least bi-annual trips to Detroit where the kid will be.


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