My future wife?

Hello everybody, I know this may be a hard or confusing subject to answer, but I am really stuck and need help. I have been with this woman for a few years now but we just recently “broke-up” to get right with God first. Now that we are both putting Him first before all, I can finally ask this question now.

Now that my ex and I are finally right with God and seeking His Kingdom of Heaven first, we can both finally get some kind of an answer for our future together; if we are meant to be. The reason why this is such a delima for us is because she is much older than me and I don’t know if it should really matter, as long as we truly love each other. She also has had 2 annulments approved by the church and has kids as well.

I have already found out that our church has nothing against people getting married if they have some significant of years apart from them, as long as they are over the age of 18 of course. I am in my early 20’s and my ex has 15+ years older than me. She could be old enough to be my mom, but I love this woman unconditionally.

Our relationship has been totally God based and we have enstablished so much. She was the one who actually brought me back to our beautiful Catholic faith and tought me so much about it. Our love for each other is so strong and we have gone to the point where we want to spend the rest of our lives together. However, lately, I have been having doubts if we will really work out in the end because of our whole age difference. I would also love to have children of my own with her but how would that affect the children? Would our age difference even cause problems if we chose to have children?

There is so much more I can say but it would be pointless to add. So here are my main concerns; we have more than 15 years apart from each other, we truly love each other to the point where we want to enter the sacrament of matrimony, but I am having doubts that maybe this marriage isn’t meant to be and God is calling us to not be together forever. Can anybody please help us? Any responses would be helpful. Thank You

You seem inclined to being married to whom nobody on earth can tell you that.
We do not know this woman as you do, therefore it you who needs to look inside for the answer.
Pray, be silent on the matter, and if it is to be it will be.:slight_smile:

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