My girlfriend agrees with abortion?

She told me that she definitely would want the option open to her. I made it clear that it makes me uncomfortable. What should I do? Should I end our relationship?

You need to find another girlfriend. JMHO.

As it should. Your girlfriend is telling you that she believes she has a right to kill your child.

Move on and find a Catholic woman who shares your values and vision of family life.

You have to ask?

Yes, I would end the relationship.

End the relationship definitely.


Are you going to pick your girlfriend, or the possible future of your unborn child and God?

There really is no middle ground.

You’re prolife, and she’s prochoice. You are not on the same page on the key issues of God/faith and life.

You have to support and protect all human life from conception to natural death. Anything else is not of God. Whom shall you serve, God, the world, or the evil one? God does not give women the right to abort. Our bodies belong to God. It’s not yours to do with what you will. Unless your girlfriend believes that, I would move on. You have to be on the same page on this for happiness. Your house will be divided.

I would, you never know if one of your children may fall into that fate. And knowing what you know it would still be partly your responsibility. I could never love anyone that was willing to kill an unborn baby. How cruel is that??? God Bless, Memaw

Show her the catechism and other material explaining the churches position on abortion. Im guessing your girlfriend is Catholic. But also pray for her as well. Even though your thread is not a prayer request, I will say a prayer for those that favor or are contemplating abortion.

Is that really such a big issue to break up over her with? If she’s not in your face over it, then it might be fine.

Let’s put it this way: If you marry her and she gets pregnant but doesn’t want the baby for whatever reason, she has the (legal) “right” to kill your child. You, on the other hand, even as her husband and the baby’s father, do NOT have the (legal) “right” to save your child. At least that is what the law in the US says.

If I were you, I’d find someone who shares your same values on this issue.

There are Catholics out there who are strong in the faith and bring others into the fold and then there are others who are influenced too easily by others and are not as great at bringing the faith to others.

I think if you were the former, you probably wouldn’t be on here asking for advice.

The possible consequence of being with a woman who is pro-choice is her having an abortion of your child without your consent.

That’s not a situation I’d want to be in.

It’s not like you disagree what kind of ice cream you like.

I think you can do better.

She doesn’t even need to tell you she is doing it either. That is not love!!! God Bless, Memaw

If it’s not a big issue, then I sure don’t know what would be, You have to ask??? God Bless, Memaw

Great advice!

Could you ever have a valid marriage with someone who “want’s to keep that option open?” They couldn’t honestly answer “I will” to the question about accepting children from God.

@Memaw: Well, if I’m gonna be terribly blunt, I don’t really care about abortion. Is that such a bad thing?

It eliminates any purpose for concerns of any human right if there is no concern for human dignity.

At least you know where she stands. I don’t have statistics, but it seems that women who have had abortions rarely remain in a relationship with the father. There’s a secret shame they share, even if one or both think abortion is their right. It’s not conducive to a loving relationship. I applaud the two of you for having the conversation. Now you have to search your heart.

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