My Girlfriend is Discerning Religious Life


This is all really helpful, its a little hard to hear, but I’ve already come to terms with what has to happen.

I’ve always been the victim of intense spiritual warfare. I have been reading a lot of scripture and praying the rosary twice a day. I also had a priest recently told me that God wants me to spend an hour with Him every morning, so I’ve been praying for an hour in the morning as well.


Excellent practices, those are. And that priest gave you a solid suggestion, likely prompted from God. If you know that priest or you cross paths with him regularly, it might be an idea to go to him more often.

In the end, I think you know what needs to happen. I know it will be difficult to step away and have some distance and not see/talk to each other for awhile (potentially a long while), but it’s the right thing to do for both of you.

Something to keep in mind in all of this is, and I know it’s cliche and cliches are dumb and no one likes to hear them, but you’re still young. I’m assuming you’re in your 20’s? If you are, then if God wants you to get married, there’s lots of time for him to bring one into your life. Even if you’re in your 30’s, lots of time still.


It definitely was a prompt for God. He said let’s pray for a word of inspiration. He got an image of me underlining things in a bible the idea that God wants to spend an hour with me every day.

I’m going to see her tomorrow and I’m pretty sure we are going to be separating.

Also, I am 17, but regardless of my age I’m always old enough to trust His plan.



Yeah, don’t even worry about any of this…


We are never too young to discern God’s will.
I had to worry about this because my friend could easily go to a convent for 6 months right now. Thus, with this in mind it became important to give her space to discern.


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