My Goddaughter is Lutheran


And this is how I got to be her Godmother; I was Congregationalist (with Catholic leanings) while my friend (non-practicing Lutheran), who is like a sister, was pregnant. She assured me that a Catholic (she knew it was just a matter of time before I convert) can be a Godparent for a Lutheran child.

And this is the situation. Being her Godmother, I try to inundate her with religious things. This child is so loved and blessed, anyway, because she is taken care of by her Grandparents (her mother just wasn’t ready and couldn’t provide the best life for her), who send her to a non-denom religious school and go to (Lutheran) church every week. She is getting God, and since she gets secular gifts, I try to give her more religious-themed gifts.

As you can imagine, I have to be careful. I don’t want to confuse her or not be able to see her, so, I try to get her more generic basic gifts (she is 7…she’ll be 8 in two months :D). For Easter, I bought her this:

I decided to give it to her though I didn’t really read through it. I did read the chapter on Mary, and, though I think it said, ‘Jesus came to His mother first after he rose,’ the last paragraph of the chapter said, “Jesus may have had 7 siblings, brothers listed, and two sisters whose names we don’t know.” I decided to buy it for my Goddaughter because of the word, “may”. Didn’t say Jesus did (as a matter of fact, the wording may have said, “Mary had 7 other children…”, I’m not sure) have other siblings, it just said, “may.” It could be read, ‘He may have had no siblings,’ or it may be read as, ‘He had more than 7’. Of course, if it didn’t read, ‘Mary had other children,’ (again, I don’t remember), it could also be interpreted that these are from an earlier marriage (though, I don’t think she would be thinking along those lines at this time.)

My question is what would you have done if it was you? And, is anybody in the same situation and did you have to give up on religious gifts after a while?


I would seek out good religious themed gifts, and be very picky in the future :slight_smile:

If nothing else, Narnia books - get one per gift giving occasion and that will cover you for awhile :slight_smile:

Depending on her age, Veggie Tales is a good neutral Christian line of movies.


I wouldn’t buy things for her that contradict the teachings of my church, such as something that says Jesus had seven brothers and here are their names. To me that would be the same as giving her a calculator that says 2+2=5. It teaches her the wrong things.

I concur with the idea of the Narnia books. I’ve seen bracelets with biblical scenes or would give something like a cross on a chain. Basically I would look for something that was acceptable both to me as a Catholic and to her as a Lutheran.


Depending on what type of Lutheran she is, these should help you:
If she goes to the Missouri Synod
If she goes to the Wisconsin Synod
If she goes to the ELCA
You don’t have to buy from them. Just take a look at their offerings, find some things that are non-offensive to us and to them, and go fromthere at any other store of your choice.

I can understand how you’re feeling. The illustrations on that Bible are really well-done! Too bad about the content.

And in case I skipped the one where the grandparents take her, here is a web site with every body of Lutherans in the US:
Hope that helps!


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