My grandmother and my results


Well, first off let me thank you all for praying for me for my exams in June, I know I haven’t been around in a while, I’ve been in Germany for a few weeks. Anyway, we have now come to the other end of the cycle - the results!

Though first I would like to request your prayers for my grandmother who, at present, is living in a home run by my Aunt in Leicester in England, since my grandfather died in 1998, she’s been very determined and strong (As well as my last grandparent, my maternal grandmother dying in 1992, and my maternal grandfather I never knew), her health hasn’t been the best for a number of years, with arthritis, a bad hip and so on. But through all of this her mind has stayed sharp, and her faith has remained as strong as ever. But 4-5 weeks ago we got a letter from my Aunt saying her health was deteriorating, as well as her mind, becoming aggrivated, forgetful, thinking she’s at home in the west of Ireland etc… She has held strong for the last few weeks, but we know the inevitable will happen. I just ask that you pray for her, that her last days upon this earth will be happy, peaceful and hopefully painless, and that she will find eternal rest in Heaven.

And for my second request concerning my results, I am particularly worried… Or, well, nervous/anxious, my history exam went badly, a subject I am good at, because the State Examinations Commission decided to pull a fast one on all of us students, and it went badly not just for me, but for many thousands of students all over the country, and I am hoping and praying daily.

On Wednesday the 15th of August I will recieve my results, and I am hoping to get my first choice university course, which is modest in requirements, in a decent university - so nothing special, but if I do not get it, I fear I will have to repeat my last year.

So if you could pray for my grandmother, and for me, in respect of my results, and anxiety!

Thank you,

Declan. :slight_smile:

Done. Praying for you.:signofcross:

May God give your grandmother healing and grant you peace:) I pray you get into the university of your dreams:)

Of course you and your gran both have my prayers.

I was dreaming about my end-of-high-school exams for years afterwards! Pray above all that God’s will be done in your choice of what and where to study.

And don’t be disappointed wherever you end up. I didn’t get into my first choice of course or university immediately, but I studied hard for a year in a related course, applied again and was successful.

I will pray for your grandmother and all your family as you go through this time. Certainly I wish the best of luck on the exams~ hopefully this little ‘anomaly’ of the SEC will be taken into consideration. God bless you!


Will offer this up at my next rosary

Praying for you and your grandmother.

You and your grandmother are in my prayers. :gopray:

Declan, praying for you and your grandmother.


Dear Zerith…keeping your intentions in prayer…
St. Rita pray for him

Praying for your intentions…


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