My Grandmother is dying


May she rest in peace and God comfort her loved ones!



Praying for you and your family for your loss…and for your Grandmother…



I will pray for your grandmother.
I do not know if you should be concerned about her not being catholic, although this is what we would have wanted for her. She was faithful, and actions speak louder than words. More is expected of the one who receives-in this case, knowledge of the faith. I would keep praying for her soul, perhaps ask the parish/priest to say a mass for her when she dies for the repose of her soul. I would also then ask the priest this question. All is in the hands of God.
Grant Eternal Rest onto them O Lord,
and may perpetual Light shine upon them.



God bless your grandma in heaven!
please pray for my grandma too! I love her so much! And I miss her so dearly with my tears, I want my grandma back!
She didn’t know God before, dear brothers and sisters in God, please pray for her and please pray for my grandba, I never seen him in my life.


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