My grandmother's sudden sickness


After an afternoon of weakness, turning into fever chills and vomiting, and several months of health problems, my parents just drove my grandmother to the ER. HALP!


I am SO sorry to hear this. :frowning:

Prayers for you. :gopray2: I know what its like having a sick grandparent. :console:


Prayers for your grandma. I’ve only got one grandma of my own left and she’s not the best healthwise :frowning:


Praying for your grandmother!

~~ the phoenix


I’ll pray for your grandmother. :gopray:


grandma in my prayers :gopray:


Part of it is severe pneumonia, part of it is probably this unidentified medical condition she’s been having (won’t give symptoms b/c I don’t want internet diagnoses)… and now she’s on mandatory 72-hour stay in the ICU. It looks like she’s getting the care she needs, but keep praying.


My Nana is no longer here. It will be my honor to pray for yours.


Praying for your Grandmother:gopray:



Will say a rosary for her.:highprayer:


Praying for your grandmother’s health and peace for the whole family at this difficult time.

Grandmother’s are such a vital source of love and faith in most families. May yours be well soon and continuing loving the whole family.


I will pray for her.




Praying… God, protect Nevarlander’s grandmother and, if possible, give her health again. Amen.


Praying for your grandmother.


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