My Grandpa Is In The Hospital


Hi everyone. My Grandpa is in the hospital and they don’t know what’s wrong with him. He was going somewhere in his truck and he didn’t even get around to the front of the house in his truck before he got real dizzy and nearly passed out. He tried to get out of his truck and fell down. He is now in the hospital and his pulse is really low like in the 30s and it keeps going up and down. Please pray for him!


I will pray for your Grandfather. :gopray:


Thank you CarolAnn.


My prayers for you and your grandfather :crossrc:


Prayers for your Grandfather.

Any updates yet?


Praying for your Granpa Holly!


Your dear Grandfather is in my prayers.


Thank you everyone. We thought he might get out of the hospital today but my Grandma told me earlier that he’s not getting out of the hospital today.


May the skill of the doctors be guided by the Lord’s hand. May they be skilled in healing and recovery of your Grandfather. Hug him tight as you can as often as you can. I really miss both of mine. Praying for a speedy recovery and return to good health for your grandfather and comfort for your grandmother and family - Amen.


Well my Grandpa is out of the hospital now and is on oxygen. Thank you everyone.


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