My grandson has arrived six weeks early. Please pray for him


Hi folks!

My grandson, Ace, was born last week, about six weeks early. He is doing well for a preemie but has had some issues, especially early on. Nothing serious but until he overcomes a few hurdles and gains a little more strength he won’t be able to come home.

Also be in prayer for my daughter and her boyfriend. The biological father bowed out several months ago and a former boyfriend stepped back into the picture. He is now the father-of-record on the birth certificate and they plan to marry when things are stable for them. Right now he has been laid off from what was a temporary job to begin with and he is looking for work here in Illinois in order to be close to my daughter. It need not be underscored that times are rough and jobs scarce right now so he’s having a bit of a struggle. We’re helping to support both of them until they’re on their feet.

Thanks folks!




I ask the Lord to bless and care for Ace, and your daughter. I thank God for the goodness in your daughter’s boyfriend and pray that all will go well for their relationship and marriage.
I pray that your future son-in-law will soon find work and this couple’s future will be secure and happy.

God bless you too.


Praying for them.


Praying for little Ace and his family.


Praying for little Ace!

My son was born at 27 weeks, and he’s 28 years old today.

So, your grandson at 34 weeks, should do fine.

God Bless


Your whole family is in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless her BF for doing the honerable thing. I am certain with all of us praying that god will provide him with a stable job. Trust in God.

Perfect health to you and your whole family



Praying for mercy and help for your daughter, grandson and for you, and special prayer for her boyfriend, who must be an incredible young man.


Congratulations, Grandpa! Babies are wonderful, no matter how they come into the world.

We will pray for Ace, you and the rest of the amily.




prayers for all …



Ace is doing well: has put on weight and is consuming all of the prescribed amount of forumal/mother’s milk most of the time. He has to eat all of his formula at every feeding for at least two full days before they are comfortable with him leaving the hospital, This is a bit uncomfortable for my daughter since he is in the Barne-Jewish preemie ward, about an hour away, and we just can’t go see him every day as she would prefer. But then, if he weren’t a preemie, she wouldn’t be “seeing” him at all quite yet anyhow–would she?:hey_bud: :hmmm: :tiphat: :stuck_out_tongue:


Prayers promised


Ace is now home–as of January 2–and doing very well. Do keep him in prayer, as well as his dad who is still looking for work.


I thank God that your grandson is beginning to flourish. I ask God to bless him, and everyone in your family always.


Still paying


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