My guilt without remorse

Hello, Yesterday when I heard that Dr. Tiller had been shot and killed what immediately popped into my head was, “Thank God, too bad it didn’t happen 60,000 dead babies ago!” Since then I have been riddled with guilt, feeling almost as if I were guilty of breaking the fifth commandment myself for involuntarily rejoicing in the abortionist’s death. Yet, I am unable to muster any remorse for his actual demise except for the harm it will almost certainly cause the pro-life movement. It is very troubling because I am normally an extremely empathetic person. Should I seek the council a priest or perhaps a psychiatrist?

P.S. Perhaps I should mention I am from Wichita and have prayed at the doctor’s clinic although I never participated in sidewalk rescues.

“pyro” I think it might benefit you, to talk to your priest about your feelings. I would… if I were you.

In the meantime, pray not only for God to have mercy on Dr. Tiller’s soul… but also, for God to have mercy on the individual who shot and killed him.

It is wrong to fight one evil… with another evil; :frowning: and completely contrary to the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. The person who shot Dr. Tiller did NOT act on behalf of us Pro-Lifers. :nope: :nope: :nope:

God bless you.

Well said. We do abhor violence of any kind even if it is in our favour, otherwise, we will be no different from the culprit. Our goal is to save souls, not just the infant, defenceless foetus but also the misguided abortionist.

But I do see where your guilt is originating from, being a catholic, and being so against abortion, it must have been weighing heavily on your mind the practice of this doctor, and so, naturally, the first genuine reaction to his demise would not be sadness or grief, rather some joy for the saved foetus. Dont blame yourself too much, but as the earlier contributor wrote, go talk to your priest.

Love and Peace


I thought it was just me as well, then my wife. Now, people on this board, too.

I don’t know what to think. This man’s lawyer was on TV and said they were claiming “third-party self defense” at the trial. He’s not denying it, and he’s not pleading insanity. I don’t condone what happened, but at the same time, I am not the least bit bothered that his work will not continue. (Although, the people who worked for him are still in business) Acts of violence are always condemned, but our individual souls are entirely different. Was Tiller’s death the only way to stop his business? Is that justified? Wouldn’t we like to know. In this world, no, it is not. If this man is as pious as his motive claims, then he should accept the trial’s outcome, no matter what.

Tiller’s purgatory might have begun by meeting the children he erased. If only we knew.

Pray for everyone, including Tiller and his family. It’s possible that his grandchildren didn’t know what he did for a living.

just read about this in the paper today (live in Ireland) what shocked me was this was a man who not only believed in God but also served in his church and yet did not have a problem with killing Gods children. We are all human and it is understandable that our thoughts go to all the unborn babies that he killed through abortion and maybe we just can’t feel any pity for him because of what he did, i know when i read it i did not feel any thing for him my heart went out to those babies who were aborted.I read that he was known for aborting babies at the later stages of pregnancies i was so shocked at this and just could not comprehend how he could do this with a clear consience.All we can do is pray.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I think I shall make a confession this Saturday. In the meantime it occurred to me that it would be quite appropriate for me to pray a rosary for Dr. Tiller. If by God’s grace he is in purgatory, it would seem that he must be in the “those who are in most need of Thy mercy” category.


Good one!

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