my hand, RCIA

Please pray as I have bad pain in my injured hand from driving my son around for 3 days just after getting the stitches removed, in order to address his situation. I took him to the mall last night to buy him clothing and shoes, which he needed, when I consciously needed to rest my hand after doing a few small errands of my own. I did this upon being subjected to a stream of invective by him using language I won’t repeat. As we left the mall, because I said No to one last item as I felt nauseous and out of control and was desperate to finish up, he went out the door ahead of me cursing and calling me a lunatc. Two black women who were entering turned around and looked at me, stunned. Is that your son? they asked. We then learned of the visit by FHP regarding his criminal traffic violation, which we both thought his father was making up. I pointed out to him that he would have felt stupid if I had “babied” him, an 18-yr-old w pending criminal charges, and bought him that last shirt. He agreed. It was the first time in his whole life I have successfully said No. He was spoiled by my mother and I was left to take the consequences and the blame, meanwhile being too disabled, in reality, to care for him properly, so I only felt guilty and the vicious cycle of his going back to my mother and being reinforced in his infuriating and frightening disrespect toward me, continued. Meanwhile, his father worked out of town w my father’s telephonic, professional and emotional support. Generally I got a kick in the a–.

So against my advice he took off, when we returned home, after looking at the citations, and went to see friends and has not returned (it is 8 am the next morning.)

My husband is successfully hiding behind his head injury. He is still capable of being extremely polite and making a show of respect and the police love him. Meanwhile the community, including, I am sad to say, its Catholics, have looked on w contempt as this situation has slowly grown to a huge proportion over 13 years. And I am praying to join RCIA and my feelings about the community make me feel like a liar in it.

If my left hand is damaged even temporarily 1, I won’t be able to drive to the Project Rachel counseling, 2, I will be at risk of a Baker Act as I will be vulnerable if I am having physical difficulty w the things that need to get done and my husband will take advantage of any opportunity to do this to me [a Baker Acting isFla term for involuntary psych commitment]; and 3, I will be vulnerable generally to my husbands ploys to try to get me to sign an unfavorable divorce agreement and move out of state so he can buy a Mazerati and continue his present lifestlye which is costly and the details of which do not bear mentioning.

I am angry. Love is slow to anger, but even Jesus did get angry. I am praying for Justice in this whole situation, and that the Lord shows mercy according to Jesus’ teaching, whatever that may mean for everybody involved including myself. The Lord loves accurate scales–Proverbs. Let my son be treated accordingly by the Justice system, as he is the way he is for a reason, please don’t let me forget his hurt and his kindness, and would you pray for me that through all this we get to the bottom of this whole mess and that Justice is thoroughly served? And let us all be “called according to the purposes of the Lord,” I pray, and repent and believe.

This is a very difficult situation you are in, but with God all things are possible. All I can offer is my prayers to speed you along your journey, as the Lord has placed in you a desire to join His Church.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother be with you throughout your trials!

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided.
Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.


I am saying my prayers for the healing of your hand. I am also asking the Lord to be with you.

Continuing prayers for you and your family dear soul.

Father, please heal our friend lynnehelen in body and soul and heart. Grant her the graces she needs and provide for he temporal and spiritual needs. Protect and guide her always… especially as she journeys back home to You and the church. AMEN.

Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, you were humble, pure and patient. Your pleadings with your divine Spouse are irresistible, so please obtain for me from our risen Jesus the request I make of you. Be kind to me for the greater glory of God, and I shall honor you and sing your praises forever. Glorious Saint Rita, you miraculously participated in the sorrowful passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for me now the grace to suffer with resignation the troubles of this life, and protect me in all my needs.


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