My head is in the clouds

Lately I have been in PE and some of these kids will be like hey stephen you know who does squats? Lucifer. Plus this other kid feels the need to make Priest sex jokes all time. Now with my usual trials this is making my head so clouded and the temptations to be an athiest and real! I have no problem proving the existence of God from an intellectual perspective. I feel I am gettting pressure from these kids.
Thank you and May the Holy spirit be with all of you.

I was badly bullied in school and that’s what is happening to you. If it continues I would speak to a school official about it, maybe a guidance counselor?

You have my prayers.

This is definitely a good way to start, also remember that the world will hate you because you love Christ. So embrace Him! Run to him and ask God for the grace to be able to forgive them and to receive the strength to endure the world’s torments. Also, if you don’t already pray-a lot. A good start if you don’t pray now is the liturgy of hours, especially the morning and night prayers. Also start, if you don’t already, reading Scripture and theological books such as the Lamb’s Supper, and the Fire Within(be warned its a fairly advanced book but necessary to help you advance in prayer). May the Lord be with you and grant you peace! And love, act with compassion!

High school gym classes have a way of being a plot from heqq; just hang in there, it does come to an end.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA

Steven, when I was in college the kids used to ask me all kinds of questions about why Catholics did this and did that. They bugged me so much I told them to leave me alone about it because I didn’t know the answers. They did and I sort of turned away from the church, for many years. It’s not easy. Don’t forget to pray. Jesus is real and Mary is real, same as with all the saints in heaven. Talk to them, tell them your problems and say a Hail Mary. You will find the strength to let it wash over you like water off a duck’s back. I read a book somewhere about Saint Joseph. Supposedly the boys treated him like that, too, teasing and making unkind remarks. He would go apart from them when he got the chance and pray. Choose him for your special saint this year. He will help you out.
I’ll say some prayers for you, too. God bless you.

Stephen, sorry I spelled your name wrong…

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